Chapter 11

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Hey Readers! Thanks for all your love and support! I made you a special Halloween Chapter! Enjoy!

- - -

Ellie's POV:

"Daddy Daddy" I wake from his deep sleep.

"What? What's wrong?" Daddy groans and only has enough energy to open one eye lid.

"It's Halloween!" I cheer loudly maybe a little to loudly.

"Ellie, Baby you need to keep it down. It's only...." Daddy pauses to look at the clock..."Elizabeth" daddy sighs once he sees what time it is.

I look over as well. Opps! It's five in the morning.

"I'm sorry" I sniffle feeling the tears start to run down my cheek.

"No no, Ellie don't cry baby, be a big girl and don't cry. It's okay, but the new rule is, if you want to wake someone up and it's not an emergency, you have to wait until the cock says eight o'clock" Daddy decides and pulls me into an embrace and snuggles me close. I love cuddling with daddy he's like a huge teddy bear!

"I love you princess" Daddy coos into my ear. Daddy and dad repeat this endearment at least ten times a day after that horrible day when I tried to run away. I'm never doing that again.

"I love you to daddy" I tell him sweetly and kiss his cheek.

"What about me" Dad pouts startling us because we thought he was asleep.

"I love you to" I smile and wriggle around so I'm facing dad.

And that's how I spend the rest of the morning. In my daddies arms....

- - -

"Ellie it's time to leave" Lucas calls for me. I come hopping down the stairs in my halloween costume.

My blond hair is stick strait. My blue poofy dress that goes just past my knees is perfect. I have a cute little white apron with a big red heart in the right hand corner. It's perfect.

Could you guess what I am?.....

"Aspen" I whine when I see the costume she is wearing.

"What?" She asks in mock innocents.

"You don't look like the queen of hearts" I whine and cross my arms across my chest.

"Yes I do" Aspen protests.

"Take that off right now" Sebastian growls.

"No" she protest. "Not until daddies tell me to" she says stubbornly.

Aspen is wearing a short red tutu skirt with a black tank cropped tank top. She's wearing white with little red hearts knee high socks with big black four inch heals. She looks ridiculous. And way to old for her actual age. Mommy and her friends used to wear outfits like this. And I hated it.

"Aspen the only thing your wearing is the little headband I gave you. That's not the costume daddy and I bought for you" I scold my big sister.

"I look cute chill out" she argues and turns away from us and enters the kitchen.

"Elizabeth Piper" Lucas calls for me.

I whip around and a grin instantly takes place on my face. Lucas is wearing a white shirts with beige pants. Bunny ears and a large clock necklace hanging around his neck.

"You looks so handsome" I comment. Lucas blushes and quickly walks past me.

"Hey get back here" I call after Sebastian after noticing something is wrong with his outfit.

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