Chapter 10

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Grab some popcorn. This is going to be a long one! Let's read some Drama!!💕😂
- - -
Recap: After Sebastian went to the hospital because he dislocated his shoulder....

No Elizabeth Piper Smith you may not get attached....

But knowing one things for certain.....

I'm running away tonight.....
- - -
Aspen's POV:

"Kegan, Ellie is so angry, and when Ellie gets angry and upset she can act out" I bite on my nails with worry.

"Hey hey, Aspen we will go check on her in a little bit. I'm sure she is just upset and will fall asleep from exhaustion with all her crying." Kegan tries to assure me.

"Okay okay, but we have to check on her every thirty minutes" I negotiate.

"Deal, now what should we watch in the meantime?" Kegan asks as he makes himself at home on our couch.

"Pitch Perfect Marathon!" I cheer.

"Fat Amy here we come" Kegan smirks. I smile. As he sets up the movie I run upstairs and throw on a pair of pj's.

"Ready?" I ask when I enter the living room. Now comfortable in my pink shorts and one of Sebastian's t shirts that is so big that it goes past my knees.

"Yep, do you want to make popcorn first?" He asks sweetly.

"No. I don't think my stomach can handle anything after what I saw this tonight" I shiver at the horrible memory of my brother flying in the air and landing with his elbow practically facing the opposite direction.

Kegan grimaced and makes the funniest face I have ever seen. I giggle and Kegan smile towards me.

"Start the movie already would you?" I sigh with fake exasperation.

"Bossy" he mumbles with a smile and pushes play on the remote. I grin and burrow myself with all the pillows and blankets around me.

"Don't I get a blanket?" Kegan asks cheekily.

"Nope" I giggle. Kegan rolls his eyes but I notice the shiver that over takes his body.

"Get over here" I groan and lift up some of the blanket I was hogging. Keegan smile and moves over to where I am. He places his big football body behind me and cuddles me from behind.

"Jesus can you take up any more room?" I groan now feeling like I'm hanging on the end of the couch with dear life.

Kegan just laughs and ignores my snarky comment by concentrating on the movie.

Ring Ring Ring!

The sounds of my phone ringing pulls me away from the movie.

"Hi daddy" I greet after picking up the phone.

"Hi princess. How are you guys doing?" Daddy asks anxiously.

"We are Fine. Ellie's a little upset and said some hurtful things but I think she needs some time to herself and she needs you to address her hurtful words. And Kegan and I are watching a movie, Lucas was with Ellie but I don't know where he is now." I explain in one long rant.

"Okay baby. Don't stay up too late. You need to rest your brain" Daddy coos from the other side of the line.

"Is he doing okay?" I ask with a frown. Kegan perks up from behind me. No doubt anxious for the information.

"I'm afraid not to well. Don't tell Ellie but Sebastian is in surgery right now. He tore his entire shoulder blade" Daddy informs, making Kegan and I cringe since I put him on speaker phone for the last part of the phone call.

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