Chapter 8

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Warning ⚠️ : there is smut and steam in this chapter if you feel uncomfortable skip to the next chapter. 18+ type of stuff!
Love you all!
Peaches 💕

Sebastian's POV:

"Dad" I call out for my dad.

"In my room" dad answers back.

"What's up?" Daddy asks once I walk into their room. I watch as they pack their bags and scurry around their room.

"Do we really need Grandma Riley to come out here?" I complain for the hundredth time.

"Yes. Sorry Sebastian but we don't trust you fully with three other siblings in your care. Especially after sneaking out" Dad apologizes but doesn't sound very apologetic.

"But Grandma Riley makes us go to bed early" I whine like a baby.

"Sorry buddy. We are only going for two days. And after everything that happened with Grandma Jean and Ellie I don't want to  leave them alone with each other without your dad and I there" daddy adds in.

"Plus Grandma Riley is dying to meet Ellie. Since I'm an only child she loves the idea of having a lot of grandchildren" Daddy persuades.

"I'm sixteen now I don't need a babysitter" I pout.

"We are done with this discussion if you want to keep whining about this then be my guess and put yourself in the living room's corner" dad scolds while packing the ugliest pair of swim shorts I have ever seen.

"Dad don't wear those hideous trunks" I groan while exiting the room. Daddy chuckles and dad pouts. For being a stereotypical gay he has no fashion sense at all.

"Sebastian" Ellie squeals and comes running up to me.

"What's up bug?" I ask while catching my little sister into my arms.

"Can we play MARIO Cart?" She ask with her big blue hopeful eyes. How could I say no to that face?

"Sure" I shrug and place her back onto the floor and follow her into the direction of the living room.

- - -
"Okay guys we are leaving" dad calls out for us. Grandma Riley will be here in about three hours and I have the responsibility of watching my siblings until then.

"Daddy" Ellie starts to cry.

Oh brother......

"Baby its going to be okay" Daddy coos into her ear.

"Bye dad" I wish off and hug him sweetly.

"Bye Sebastian, I trust your going to help Grandma Riley and be on your best behavior" dad warns like the strictler he is.

"Yes dad" I agree automatically. Dad smile sand pats my shoulder. He then goes into hug Aspen.

"Daddy" Ellie starts to sob harder when daddy tries to put her down.

"Don't you want to hug dad?" Daddy ask trying to hide his frustration.

"Dad" she sobs and goes barreling into his arms. Daddy smiles then turns to me and gives me the same talk and hug that dad just gave me.

"Bye daddy have fun on your anniversary" Aspen wishes.

"Oh we will" daddy says darkly while looking towards dad.

"Eww" I gag and try to get the mental image of their vacation out of my head.

"Dad" Ellie sobs and tries to wrap her little body around dad.

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