Chapter 7

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Two months later.

Ellie's POV:

"Ellie get up, we need to get ready for the party, and dad wants me to braid your hair" Aspen wakes up my peaceful sleep.

"Aspen leave me alone" I grumble and turn away from her. She's so loud in the mornings. But I love sharing a room with her. I've never had a sister before.

"Daddy is going to spank your bum if you don't get up" she warns and continue to dig through her closet full of goodies.

"I'm up" I shrieked. Spankings hurt so badly. I had to sit on daddy's lap for the rest of the day with my last spanking.

"Wear this" Aspen demands and hands me a stunning cotton dress that combines a classic gray fabric with white lace pieces. The dress has gorgeous detailing at the neckline and the back of the dress has the beautiful lace.

"This is beautiful! Thank you!" I squeal and hug my sister tight.

"Your welcome" Aspen smiles down at me and shoves me gently in the direction of my bed. Where I'm supposed to change out of my pajamas.

"Hurry up" Aspen groans while I struggle to find my other sandal.

"Found it!" I squeal with pride for accomplishing my task.

"Sit here. Daddy wants me to French braid your hair.

"Okay" I mumble. She pulls way to hard when she braids.

"I'll be gentle" Aspen sighs knowing what I'm thinking.

- - -

"All done!" Aspen announces once she is done torturing my poor scalp.

"Thank you!" I Thank trying to sound great full.

"No problem. Come on we need to get downstairs." Aspen sing songs while exiting our room.

I start to sprint downstairs to catch up with her but slow when remembering the "no running" rule daddy enforces. Daddy is so strict, it's not fair. My mommy was never strict.


"Ellie baby, are you okay?" Dad ask once seeing my sad face as I enter the living room. I skip up to him and climb up the couch and plop myself onto his lap.

"I'm okay daddy" I shrug and mistakenly call him daddy instead of dad. I don't think he really cares though.

"Are you sure pumpkin?" Dad ask skeptically.

"Can you read my mind?" I ask annoyed that family always seem to know what I'm thinking.

"Baby, your eyes gives yourself away, I can tell what your thinking and feeling just by looking into your eyes" he informs. I pout and cross my arms in frustration. Mommy used to tell me the same thing! It's not fair!

"Baby are you thinking about your mom? Is that why you look so sad?" Daddy...Dad asks softly.

"Not really just some things or actions remind me of her but I'm healing" I reassure and cup his big cheek in my small hand. He smiles towards me and kisses my forehead before pushing me off of him and guiding me towards the front door.

"Let's go munchkin" Dad says enthusiastically.

"Dad, we are three minutes off schedule" Lucas starts to panic.

"Lucas if we are three minutes late how long will it take to get there?" I ask him. Dad smiles towards me, knowing that I'm trying to distract him just like Aspen does.

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