Chapter 6

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Sebastian's POV:

"Cassidy I'm going to get in so much trouble" I complain while looking around to make sure no adults are around.

"Baby you can't miss this party. You know your football status is depending on this party. I'm head cheerleader and your Varsity quarterback, which means we have to show up" My beautiful girlfriend persuades me.

"My dads said no" I warn and force myself to look away when she starts to give me her pouty face, knowing I get turned on by that look.

"Fine" I grumble and lift her onto me so she's straddling my thighs. Yum.

"What's the worst that could happen?! She asks with a shrug.

"My ass turning red from the spanking I would/will find myself receiving" I think to myself.

"Getting grounded" I give an actual answer. Not wanting to admit that my parents spank me still.

"That's okay baby. We will be grounded together" She smiles and leans in to kiss me sweetly. I immediately deepen the kiss and she moans in my mouth. Her rich scent of vanilla is filling my nostrils making it hard to control the hard-on I'm having right now.

"Get to class you two" the security guard yells. Killing my boner instantly.

"See you later baby" I smile and slap my girlfriend's juicy ass before heading to the direction of my math class.

- - -

"Daddy can I go to my friends house on Friday and sleep over?" I ask as soon as I enter my house. It's Wednesday night and I have to ask daddy when dad isn't around to instantly say no.

"Sorry Sebastian but dad and I want to have a family night" my dad blows me off and continues to cook dinner.

"But Daddy that's not fair. Ellie is already calling you 'daddy' and dad 'dad'. We don't need family time to make her feel at home." I whine like an actual baby. It's much harder to sneak out then to lie about where your going.

"Sebastian this isn't up for argument. Go set the table and don't bring this up again please" my dad scold and hands me a stack of plates and forks to put out for my dad's special meatloaf he made tonight.

"Sebastian!" Ellie cheers and comes running from the living room. I see in the corner of my eye dad tense since she's running. I quickly turn around and wait.

Ellie the monkey comes running then proceeds to jump onto my butt (since she's so tiny) and climb up my back like I'm some kind of tree.

"Hey monkey" I smile and continues to set the table with Ellie still on my back holding onto my shirt and biceps so she wont fall. Her little legs are wrapped around my torso.

"Elizabeth Piper what rule did you just break?" My dad comes up from behind us.

"Daddy" Ellie whines when my dad tries to remove her from my back. I turn around so I'm human shielding her from our annoying father.

"Daddy she did not run and fall. She didn't even run far enough to be considered running. She walked until a good amount of distance to start running. Don't ruin our after school ritual because of your OCD about safety. Kids fall your going to have to deal with it" I argue for baby Ellie.

Ellie is my little sister I have to protect her from bully's. And in this case, daddy is acting like a bully which is a pain in the ass.

"Sebastian do not talk to your father like that" dad booms from across the room. When did he get here?

"Oliver it's fine. Sebastian has a point. But being "OCD" about safety is the only thing that is keeping my four kids alive so that will never change, and Ellie promise daddy you'll be careful and this is the only exception for running" Daddy negotiates with his daughter.

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