Chapter 5

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Rowan's POV:
Three weeks later.....


"Baby its time to get up" I coo in my seven year old daughter's ear.

"No" she whimpers and turns her little body away from me.

"Ellie it's time baby" I tell her sternly while grabbing her blanket and pulling it off of her.

"Rowan" she cries and sits up with her angry face. We have the same fight every morning.

"It's a school day love, you have twenty minutes to get ready, I want your bum in the kitchen at seven thirty sharp" I command while leaving her room.

"Aspen" Sebastian groans while banging on the bathroom door all the kids share.

"I'm almost done" she shouts back.

"Daddy how many minutes?" Lucas asks.

"Forty minutes" I reply.

"Forty minutes until we leave" Lucas announces.

I love Monday mornings. Note the sarcasm.

"Aspen you need to start waking up earlier" Sebastian complains while Aspen walks out of the bathroom with just a towel around her body.

"God Aspen! Do you really have to walk around like that?!" Sebastian groans with exasperation. All while my sneaky seven year old tip toes passing both of the bickering teenagers and goes straight into the bathroom.

"You walk around in your boxers" Aspen accuses, and before he could have had a come back she was already long gone.

Sebastian huffs and whips around to go into the bathroom. When he realizes the door is locked he groans out an angry "sisters" and storms back into his room. I leave the seen laughing all the way.

- - -

"Ellie, Aspen let's go" I call out for both my daughters. We are behind schedule and have to leave in the next three minutes.

"Babe I'm sorry, I have to go into the office a little earlier than normal. Are you going to be okay?" Oliver ask worriedly.

"Yes baby. Don't stress" I coo softly and wrap him in my arms for a sweet kiss.

"I'll be home by six, I promise" Oliver sighs and kisses me sweetly one last time before grabbing his brief case and walking out the door.

"Rowan?" Ellie calls out looking for me.

"I'm in here baby" I call back. She comes running into my arms when she sees me.

"Elizabeth" I sigh once she's safely tucked into my arms.

"What?" She asks sweetly and innocently.

"What is rule seven?" I ask her calmly.

"I'm sorry. I just wanted you to catch me. Please no time out. I'll be more careful about running" she begs.

"Your lucky we are running late" I tell her sternly and carry her to the car.

"Can you tie my shoes, please?" She asks politely.

"Yes princess" I grin and bend slightly to tie her shoe while she sits in her car seat.

"Buckle up" I demand before shutting the passenger door and opening my drivers door.

"Rowan I don't want to go to school" she complains.

"I know Ellie, but sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do" I tell her sadly. Finally pulling out of the driveway.

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