Chapter 4

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Ellie's POV:
The next day.....

"Is she still sleeping?" I hear a faint voice talking while I stir from my peaceful sleep.

"She's been sleeping for fifteen hours, forty five minutes and thirteen seconds, if she doesn't wake up in the next ten minutes I'm checking her vitals" I hear a boy announce. He sounds like a robot with all the information he's spitting out.

"Lucas she's not dead. She's just tired from all the stress she's been under" I hear a girl scold the boy who I assume his name is Lucas.

"I need to google this" the boy sighs and stomps out of the room.

I open my eyes and blink at the blinding lights that are illuminating the foreign room I'm in.

Hey! The girl that was talking was the girl from the adoption jail! Wait she's my sister!

"Where am I?" I ask still groggy with sleep.

"Your new home" The girl smiles and sits on the edge of my... a... bed. I can't get attached.

"No I want to go back" I scream and try to run out of this pink room they stuck me in.

"Ellie you can't leave this is your new home" an older boy informs me and blocks the door frame with his tall body. I pout and try to wriggle around him.

He doesn't relent and picks me up when I try to punch him in the privates like I did with that cop so many moons ago.

"Let me go!" I scream in outrage.

The boy drops me on the floor scared of my out burst. Rowan and Oliver come running into the room.

"Sebastian" Oliver barks. So that's his name. Lucas, Sebastian. What's the girls name?

Wait. I shouldn't care. I'm leaving, I have to go.

Rowan kneels down and helps me up from where I was dropped on the floor.

"Are you okay Ellie?" Rowan asks me.

"Yes I'm fine" I answer quietly.

"Sebastian what were you thinking? Why did you pick her up in the first place?" Oliver asks sternly.

"I didn't mean to drop her. She started to scream like I was hurting her. I got scared and dropped her before thinking of how that could have hurt her even more" he explains, leaving out the fact that I was about to kick him .

"It's my fault. I tried to kick him when I was trying to run away" I fess up guilty for putting the blame on him.

"Okay, I think it's time to go over the rules. Let's go. Down stairs, now." Oliver demands with a stern face. Why is he so bossy?

"I'm hungry" I complain and start to leave the room to try and find the kitchen.

"We are going to eat breakfast as a family, after we talk about the family rules" Rowan informs and picks me up like I'm an actual baby.

"But I'm hungry now." I whine and try to wriggle our of his steal like grip. He doesn't let me go so I take note on the elegant decor of the house.

The walls are all a light grey color with beautiful white crown molding lining the edges of the walls. Their are family pictures lined across the hallway walls making me wish I was in the pictures as well. This isn't my family, they are just pitying me. I'm the poor charity case they think they are saving.

I'm not going to be their charity case.

"Elizabeth" Rowan says my name in a warning tone pulling me out of my thoughts.

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