Chapter 7

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Fire. Fire all around me, in me, burning. Flaming, scorching, consuming desire. Drogo's mouth and hands on me lit me up, desire spreading through me like a wildfire. My body moved of it's own accord, responding to him wether I wanted to or not. His dominating kiss demanded that I give in, that I allow him entry, as his body pressed me hard against the wall. It stole my breath and self control. My fingernails dug into his shoulders through his shirt as his tongue finally was granted entry. His taste was perfection. Nothing had ever created such a response in me before, besides bloodlust. It was why I didn't bother pursuing human men for any other reason than blood.

Blood. I had been about to feed and was in the middle of bloodlust; it was why I was out of control. I had self-control to a point but no vampire could deny the bloodlust; especially when that moment had been so close. I was breathing heavy as much from Drogo as from the consuming need for blood. Drogo broke away pulling back to look at me with a smirk laden with desire. His flaming red eyes flashed before he bent his head to ravish my neck and shoulders with his talented lips. I moaned from need; the need for him to stop, the need for him to carry on, the need of blood. His exposed neck was there, pulsing in front of me. What the hell. I snarled and pulled him up against me more, sinking my fangs into his neck.

His breath hitched and his breathing became shallow as the white hot pleasure flowed through him. I heard him moan on the second strong pull, while he continued kissing my neck. His blood hit my tongue flowing down into my system with it's intoxicating, spicy flavor. It was one of the most complex and wonderful flavors I had ever sampled and I wanted more. I pulled him tighter to me still with my strength that would have been too much for a human. His growl in response was entirely approving. I continued to feed on him until I knew I had to stop; even if he was a vampire, we didn't want him passing out when I drained him. I'd hate to have to carry him home.

I stopped pulling on the wound but I refused to release him from my jaws just yet. I still held him tight against me as my lips were on his neck, my fangs in his flesh, savoring the last red drops resting on my tongue. 'What the hell!" Peter's hissed surprise and admonition met our ears. I released Drogo suddenly, being caught out, allowing him to pull back and bore his red eyes into mine while he ignored his brother. A drip of his blood slid down over my bottom lip creating a red line down my chin. "You were supposed to just come and check on her, Drogo!" Drogo wore a smug look as he leaned over and with his tongue, slowly licked the blood from my chin and lower lip. His lusty eyes never left mine as he answered his brother, "I did come and check on her."

My bloodlust was satiated, quite thoroughly, for the moment but the rest of me was still on fire. Despite that, my ability to think returned and I remembered. Fear swept through my being with it's icy grip, smothering out the flames that had been burning stronger than ever before. Viktor. If he knew. My own pulse stopped entirely for a few beats before doubling down into the frantic fluttering of prey that had been caught, right before the kill-strike would come. The brother's could hear it. They could smell the fear wafting out from me. I pushed Drogo away and walked over to Loan's slumped body. I ignored the two brothers that were watching me, trying to figure out what I was so terrified of in their thoughts.

"Sasha?" Peter quietly asked, just loud enough for my vampire hearing to pick up over the music. "I need to take care of Loan," I stated like that would satisfy his question. Drogo wizzed in front of me, picking up Loan's limp body and sped off with him into the bar, throwing his slumped body onto one of the benches of a back booth. He looked like he had had too much and was sleeping it off. Peter turned to look at Drogo's handiwork, allowing me to beeline out the back exit that led into an alleyway. I didn't stop; I sped my way through the shadows of Mysteryspell, running back to the mansion, running from what I had just done.

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