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<pre>Ivanna's POV

“I, Ivanna Talor, will take Courtney Loom's place as second tribute!”

I shout whilst fighting my way through the guards and the shocked

crowd. I clamber up the steps. I don't like being tribute. I don't

like being in the games. I've always despised of them. Blood. Death.

Taunts. It's a nightmare, but to the Capitol, it's entertainment. But

somebody's got to do it. It may as well be me. Some would call me

stupid, some would call me brave, and some would call me reckless.

Whatever title I earn in these games, I'm going to try and save Reese

so she can go home. Only one of us can, and she deserves it more than

I do.

“No!” Reese yells, giving me a pleading look. I shake my head. “Not

this time,” I mouth to her. I go and stand next to a man dressed in

black, propping my hands behind my back respectively. Am I scared?

No..... I'm terrified! But the wonder of my is that I can mask that

fear. As long as I don't earn the title 'the girl who was dauntless'

like Katniss's 'the girl who was on fire' and be hunted down by the

other tributes in the games, I'll be fine.

“Ivanna Talor is the second and final tribute,” Effie announces before

looking to both Reese and I with a smug look on her face.

I look past her and straight at my sister. We share the same look; a

look of worry and distraught. These games aren't going to be very good

this year.

Before we exit the hall, my fellow students and staff press their

three fingers to their lips and raise them. A sign of respect and

love.... and of thanks. Reese and I return the sign before we're led

out of the hall by familiar men in white armoured-suits. Peacekeepers.

“Do you think they'll let us see our family and friends before we head

off to the Capitol?” I ask Reese.

“I really do hope so,” she answers.




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