Chapter 2

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Tony's POV - the next day.

  I wake up. Stephan's arm was on his side as he cuddled himself in the blanket. I sat up and looked around. I yawned before looking at the clock on the wall. It was 9:34. I sat up, my body missing Stephans embrace. Today was the party. I was actually comfortable going out, as long as I was with Stephen- as friends. I glance over at Stephen, as if on cue, Stephen sits up and yawns.
  "Good morning." He whispers, before he slams his body back into the warmth of the bed.
  "Good morning." I lightly push him. "Get up, Ill make breakfast." Suddenly he sits back up.
  "You can cook?" Stephen hold his laughter in.
"Well come on then." I tease as I get off the bed, I yawned as I walk to the kitchen, Stephen following me.
"What are you making me?" He walks around the kitchen island and sits down on the stool.
"I dunno, what do you want me to make?" I smile slightly as I search in the fridge for items to cook with.
"A classic scrambled eggs with bacon!" Stephen laughs as he pretends to use his finger as a magic wand. Weirdo.
"Alright fine Mister Magic." I roll my eyes and reach for the carton of eggs hidden in the back of the fridge.
"Ill get started on the bacon-" Stephen stands up , "Woah woah woah woah." I use my hand to push him away from the fridge. "You're my guest i'll cook for you." I set the carton on the counter and try to close the fridge , but Stephen laughed and grabbed my hand, holding it up to his lips.
"Its the least I can do." He lightly kisses my hand. I swipe my hand away. "Ok." I turn around to try and hide my blushing face.

About 7 minutes later we're both finishing up breakfast, Stephen laughs and I catches me off guard.
"Whats so funny Strange?" I ask and look over at Stephen. He was over by the stove still cooking the bacon.
"I just, never thought that I would be doing this. You know cooking bacon at Tony Starks house." He chuckles. "Also I've never cooked bacon before." The smell of burnt bacon hit my nose and I walked over to the stove a bit panicked. I turn off the stove and grab the pan and toss the burnt bacon into the trash and stick the pan into the sink to cool off.
"Geez, you could of almost burnt my house down."
We both laugh for a second before walking over the the kitchen island and sitting in front of the plates of scrambled eggs with bacon- without the bacon.
"Guess we'll just eat eggs." I shrugged and grab a fork and began eating.
"So when is this party again." I ask to start conversation. Avoiding any awkward silence.
"We should go at 2:30." Stephen continued to eat his breakfast. Then I smiled, because I was going out, and I felt happy. Although I love Peter he always ended up just trying way too hard to cheer me up then i'd end up annoyed. Good kid though.
I just nodded and continued to eat until there was nothing on my plate.
"Guess I should shower." I picked up my plate as Stephen was finishing up.
"Oh- Yeah. Me too." He scraped the rest of his food in his mouth and grabbed my plate ti wash it.
"Thanks." I just patted him on the shoulder, I didn't know if I should kiss him or hug him so I settled with that. He gave me a confused look then just laughed it off.

Stephen and I walked into my room, I looked through my closet for a nice outfit that would look fancy- but you know.. not too fancy.
"Okay." I mumbled to myself as I walked into the bathroom- and Stephen.
"Um I'm going to shower first." But as a response he just took of his shirt. "Okay I guess you can go fir-" I tried to pass him but he stopped me.
"Or we could just shower together?" He smirks as he glances over at the shower.
"What." My cheeks and face began to turn red. I let out a nervous chuckle. "I mean- yeah." I watch as Stephen slipping off the rest of his clothes.

-cliffhanger. , sorry this part was short; the next one will not only be longer but itll be steamy :) -

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