Chapter 17

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Argent POV

James and I run like we have never run before. My wolf hits speeds that I didn't think were possible. I hear James in my mind, begging me to slowdown.

But I cannot. I wish I could go faster.

His words ring in my ears over and over.

"Aida has lost too much blood....."

I howl. I howl a continuous, heart broken lament. I hear my wolf brothers and sisters respond. They feel my pain. The ones who are mated know it on an even deeper level.

If you lose your mate, part of you soul dies too.

James and I continue to leap and fly through the back fields beyond the institution and towards our pack house. I catch a whiff of someone to our left, the red wolf becomes visible under the exposed  moonlight of the clearing as we run into it.


She links. James and I both throw our heads up. We can hear her. She has recognised Mornington as her rightful pack. She is no longer a Strand.

"I came to run with you"

She falls into step with James. They run as one. It's amazing to watch. I feel a slight pang of jealousy. I want this so badly with Aida.

We are are getting close to home now.
We run the last minutes together as a trio. It's like Jemma has always been here. She fits in just as she should. James is a lucky guy.

We make the last run over the hill and I can see the house coming into view.

I catch the scent of some of the Strand members. They must be waiting for the Lunar pack to return, guarding the border in case they do not return alone. Or at all.

I cover the last part of the run in no time at all and leave Jemma and James behind as I run towards the house. I shift as I get to the entrance where some of the pack elders are waiting. They heard us coming.

Our pack doctor is waiting for me at the door. He took over from Jasper when he left. Marcus is young and smart, he believes in pack above all else. He is an awesome physician. And friend.

He hands me some sweat pants and a shirt. I throw them on and we start toward the medical room.

Our pack house has a small but well stocked medical centre in the basement section of the house.
It makes sense to have our own doctor on hand as we tend to have wolf-specific issues when we need attending to. It would create too many questions that we cannot openly answer if we went to a regular hospital. Plus, we take care of our own. We don't usually get affected by any human disorders, or if we do, we heal at a speedy rate.

Marcus and I rush into the centre and start to set up.
He yells out orders to me and two pack members who are nurses. We set up four beds. Two for the girls and two on stand by. In case of trouble.

We are just getting blood ready for transfusion and fluids ready to rehydrate the girls as I hear a commotion out front.

Someone is here.

I sprint back up the stairs and out the front doors.
It's the Lunar pack. They have returned and are waiting on the front steps with the Strand pack.

My heart sinks. How much longer can she hold on?

Deacon stands in human form, discussing the nights events with Kane and some of our pack elders.

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