In Times of Need | Arno x Reader [ EDITED ]

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Your eyes fluttered open but quickly closed again when the bright sunlight streamed in through your curtains, rolling over and groaning into your pillow. It was way too early to get up, but you knew any minute now Arno would barge into your room and bug you until you got out of bed so you figured you might as well get up now. You groaned louder, the idea of getting out of your warm bed and getting ready for the day just wasn't appealing at all. You peaked a look through your half lidded eyes, squinting in the bright sunlight and furrowing your brows in annoyance. Hearing heavy footsteps outside your door, you had a feeling it was Arno here for your wake up call and quickly turned over in your bed and buried yourself back into the covers. But instead of barging through your door and hollering loudly for you to wake up and start another day, the footsteps kept walking past the door and the sound of them faded away as they went down the hallway. Knitting your eyebrows together in confusion, you pondered for a few moments why today was different than any other day? You sighed heavily into your pillow before hauling yourself out of your wonderful bed, sitting on the edge and placing your feet on the cold hardwood floor of your room.

Your room wasn't too big, nor was it too small. When you walked through the door, the bed was sat against the wall to the left and there was a tall vanity up against the wall adjacent to your bed. Giant windows were scattered along the walls, which were half covered with curtains at the particular moment in order to keep the sun out. On the right side of your room was a huge closet that held all your robes and capes, boots, trousers, and vests/undershirts that were various colors. Your go-to assassin robes were a dark blue color, with a light blue vest and black shoulder cape that sat on your right shoulder. Your boots came up to your thighs, which were covered in skin tight black trousers with silver embellishments.

Sitting down at your tall vanity, you took your brush and combed through your hair to try to get all the tangles out. You yanked and pulled and styled, and after a few minutes you looked pretty presentable and not like you just rolled out of bed. You looked over your face in the mirror, not really happy with how you look but not really caring enough to do anything dramatic about it. Your hair was clean and you sprayed some perfume Arno had gotten you once for your birthday and  stood up from your vanity and walked over to your closet. You swung the doors open dramatically and spotted your assassin robes and equipment you wore everyday. You tugged on the robes, hooked the shoulder cape in place, pulled up your trousers and boots, and buttoned your vest and put your weapons in their respective holsters. Not bothering with your hood since you were on the upper floor of the Café Theatré and everyone knew you in there, you felt satisfied with how you looked and walked out of your room, on the hunt for Arno.

— Time Skip —

You had searched almost all of Paris which took up almost the entire day and you still couldn't find Arno. It was almost night time, a thin layer of mist had settled over the dark streets of the district and the sun had begun to disappear over the horizon. Walking up the few steps of the Café Theatré, you sighed heavily as you entered and walked over to an empty booth and plopped down. Maria, one of Arno's maids, walked over to you with a glass of wine on her tray. She wasn't too old, and yet she wasn't too young either. Laugh lines and crows feet decorated her soft, caring eyes and she seemed to always wear a smile. She had become a mother figure to you in such a short period of time. She set the glass down on the table, and sat in the seat across from you. "Qu'est-ce qui ne va pas chéri?" [ TRANSLATION: What is wrong, darling? ] She asked, her voice soft as she stared curiously at your tired form. Swallowing the bundle of nerves in your throat, you looked up at her and grabbed the wine glass on the table and gulping it all down in one go. "I can't find Arno. I've looked everywhere, Maria. The Café, the Gardens, the market, I've been all over Paris!" You exclaimed, worry written on your features as you set the now empty glass back on the table. You felt like your worst fears were coming true. He may have been kidnapped, he was a Master Assassin after all and the Templars could have saw a chance to take him out.

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