Dark Hope : jhs

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And by fluff I mean...this is basically just a 700 word kiss scene 🤷🏼‍♀️
I'm not sorry


When you first walked in the room Hoseok was slumped down in a chair, his head resting back against it. The corners of his lips turned down and his eyes were half lidded as he stared at his lap. As soon as he saw you come in though, he sat up straight and forced a smile to his face. He greeted you cheerfully.

You sighed, not smiling back at him. "You don't have to do that all the time you know." You said, feeling slightly irritated.

"Do what?" He replied, his smile faltering.

You waved your hands, gesturing at him, "be...J-Hope! Be happy all the time! There aren't any cameras in here, so you don't have to be sunshine boy. It's just me," You finished, exasperated.

His grin slipped from his face and he rose from the chair, slowly stalking over to you, "Well, who should I be then?" He asked, taking one more step toward you, standing just a bit too close, "hmm?"

"Just...be you," You said, swallowing. "The real you."

"You might not like the real me," he said, his voice low as he took another step toward you, making you take a step back toward the wall. Your eyes widened and you breathed heavily, stepping back again until you felt the wall against your shoulder blades.

"What if I do like the real you," you breathed, your eyes flicking up to his. Your heart was beating so loudly you were sure he would be able to hear it as you stared up at his beautiful, delicate features. His hair fell across his forehead and he gave you a sad smile.

"No, not you sweetheart. You like happy, gentle J-hope," he said, stepping away from you and shaking his head slightly. Your hand darted out and grabbed his arm, holding it firmly to keep him from walking away from you.

"I'm not interested in J-hope right now. Show me Jung Hoseok," you said forcefully, your eyes burning up at him, your heart racing in your chest. You had never seen this dark side of him and it was both thrilling and terrifying, but you wanted it - needed it now that you knew it was there. He looked down at your hand on his arm and dragged his eyes up to your face, gazing down at you darkly.

His eyes flashed and he suddenly gripped your shoulders and slammed your back against then wall before crushing his mouth against yours, kissing you hard. You gasped at the sudden pain in your shoulder blades and then instantly moaned into the kiss, his soft lips making a shiver run through your body. Your sounds encouraged him and he kissed you hard and eagerly, his hands still gripping your shoulders as he pinned your hips against the wall with his thighs. His teeth scraped your lip and then he bit down on it, making you moan again and slide your hands into his hair. You tugged on it gently.

"Harder," he murmured against your lips in between kisses and you pulled his hair more solidly, making him groan deeply and tighten his grip on you.

He slid a hand from your shoulder over to your neck, ghosting his fingers along the soft, perfect skin there, wanting so badly to mark it, to wrap his fingers around it - but he held himself back, just allowing himself to savor the taste of your lips before slowly removing his own from them. Maybe next time, he thought as he looked down at you panting up at him in excitement, your lips red and swollen and cheeks flushed with desire. He slid a finger along your bottom lip, licking the taste of you from his own and then he backed away, returning to the chair he was seated in before. You blinked and pushed yourself away from the wall before turning to leave, needing to get back to work.

"Did you hate it?" He called, making you turn back and look at him. "The real me, I mean?" He said, playing cool to cover his actual worry that you wouldn't like him anymore now that you had seen this side of him. But you paused in the doorway and looked back at him, his head leaned back against the cushion, his eyes half closed as he watched you.

"I prefer the real you, Hoseok," you said softly and he smiled as you left the room.


Dark Hope is my favorite concept...if I do a part 2 of this it might need a smut warning...

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