Chapter 6

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Raine Pov

It was later in the day and I was still at Lamelo's house with him and his family.

Well it just Melo and I and Li'Aneglo and his friend Will and Jasmine. "Who wants to play 2k?" Liangelp asked cutting on the game.

"I got a better idea let's go get some food" I said as a suggestion. "I'm with Raine let's go get some food how about Olive Garden" Will spoke up. "Olive Garden? Hell nah let's go to In and Out' Lamelo said.

"Melo you been going their a week straight I got a taste for something different let's go to Captain George's they have really good seafood" Li'Aneglo said.

"I do got a taste for seafood though, yea let's go their" Jasmine said.

Everyone agreed on the restaurant, we got our things and headed out to Captain's George seafood restaurant.

Once we got their it was a very long line and I'm serious there was at least 20 people in front of us. But since the food was good here everyone just deiced to stay in line. The restaurant had some of there workers outside of it telling who could come in.

"Family of five ?" They called.

We noticed no one else went when they called so we told them we had five people and they let us in.

Walking in the waiter got us seated. We decided to get the all you can eat and it was 30$ for each person.

We each got up and went to buffet and got our food.

"Rainey?" Melo came up to me .

"Yes Melo?"I asked getting some food.

"I wanted to say thank you for the other night ...ya know for being there thank you a lot Raine" he said.

I smiled "your welcome Mel it was no problem really" I said.

We finish getting our food and went and sat down.

-Two weeks Later-



"I think I have feelings for Will".

"Really Jasmine it's only been two weeks in school ?"

"It's just something about him Raine" she said .

"Plus don't act like you don't have feelings for Lamelo " she said .

"So you think this is going to be some cliche wattpad fanfiction where I date Lamelo and you date one of his friends ?" I asked her laughing .

"Huh?" She asked  .

"Nothing but Jasmine I really don't know what your talking about I really don't have feelings for him , I really just think he's a good friend " I said .

"Rainey your lying I can tell you do, you can try to hide it all you want but I see right through you".

"Oh really ?" I asked quirking my eyebrow at her.

"Really best friend I know you " she said .

I heard my doorbell ring from downstairs.

"Who is that?" Jas asked .

"You'll see" I said walking downstairs with my purse.

I opened the door .

"Hey Rainey are you ready?"

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