4: Night Shift

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I'm so happy you guys are enjoying the story so far! Like I said in the first chapter, this story will be full of cute family moments, fluff and it will have very little drama! The "drama" won't happen until the middle-end of the book so don't worry about something completely random happening lol
We all need a little break from drama so I'm hoping this book helps you guys unwind and destress, even if it's only for a little bit 💜

If there's anything y'all want to see happen in the story, please feel free to let me know! I'd love to include as many ideas as possible!

Thank you so much for reading! Back to the story x


"Baby.." Mitch sighed when Wesley pouted and rubbed his eyes tiredly. "What's wrong, sweetheart? Did you have a bad dream?"
"Come here," he picked his son up and sat him on the bed next to him, smoothing his hair back and kissing his forehead. "What happened?"
"Monsters? Buddy, monsters aren't real. Come here; let's snuggle and watch a movie before I go to work, okay?"
Wesley quickly shook his head, "No work,"
"Buddy, I have to go. Auntie Kirstie is going to spend the night and-"
"No Kit. I want Cott!"
"It's late, buddy. He's probably asleep and-"
"I want Cott!" He cried, hiding his face against the pillow. "Cott!"
"Alright, alright. Let's see if he's awake and maybe you can FaceTime him?"

"Hey there little man," Scott cooed as he walked into Mitch's room, not an hour later. "What's going on? Did you have a bad dream?"
Wesley nodded, holding his stuffed bear close to his chest as Mitch spoke. "Kirstie usually comes over when I have night shift but he really wants you. I know it's last minute, but are you able to watch him tonight? I'll be home around five tomorrow morning,"
"Yeah, I don't mind," Scott nodded and set his backpack on the ground before taking his coat off and setting it on the chair nearby. "Don't worry, Wes and I'll just watch some cartoons before bed. How's that sound, buddy?"
"Good," Wesley nodded. He then turned and hugged Mitch, "Love you,"
Mitch smiled, hugging him in return. "I love you so much, Wesley. So, so much. You be good for Scottie, alright? You can snuggle and watch cartoons but I want you in your bed tonight, okay? You're a big boy and you know you can sleep by yourself now,"
"Good boy. I love you so much," 
Wesley smiled up at him, "So much! Love Cott?"
Blushing, Mitch nodded and glanced up at Scott, his smile growing when he saw Scott's reddening face and grin. "Very much, yes,"
"Me too!" Wesley grinned. "Cott! Love daddy?"
Scott didn't hesitate, "Of course."

When Mitch left for work, Scott decided to sleep in the livingroom despite Mitch telling him he could sleep in his bedroom.
Laying back, Scott turned the television on and got comfortable infront of the television for a few hours until he heard a sniffle from Wesley's bedroom around the corner. He muted the Tv and waited a short second, hoping Wesley would still be asleep, before standing and making his way to the toddler's bedroom when he heard him cry.
Opening the door, Scott peeked in and frowned when he saw Wesley rubbing his eyes. "Hey buddy," Scott started softly, as to not scare the boy. "What's wrong?"
"Bad dream," he mumbled.
"Do you want to hangout with me in the livingroom for a little?" Wesley nodded and held his arms out for Scott to pick him up. Chuckling, Scott easily carried Wesley into the livingroom- while managing to carry his blanket and pillow in his other arm-, before setting him down on the couch. While Wesley fell asleep with ease, Scott found himself wide awake and unable to sleep.
He was sitting with his back against the couch and Wesley had fallen asleep in his arms, his head on Scott's chest while his blanket was wrapped close around him. Scott gently rubbed his back and got comfortable as a movie started to play on the TV, but even then, he couldn't sleep. All he could think about was how close he felt to the boy in his arms. All he could think about was how positive he was when it came to Wesley being his son. After spending so much time with him, Scott was sure of it.
Even after three years apart, Scott still found himself falling head over heels for Mitch and he knew that would never change. Even if Wesley wasn't his son, Scott would still try to support him and Mitch no matter what.
When Wesley stirred, Scott kissed the top of his head and reached for one of the books he had grabbed on the way out of Wesley's bedroom. He set it to the side and opened to the front page before quietly reading it outloud to the sleeping boy. Before he realised it, Scott was asleep mid book and had his arms around Wesley. He only woke up when he heard the garage door open and close. After a few minutes, Mitch walked in and the brunette couldn't hide his smile when he saw Scott and Wesley on the couch.
"Mitch? What're you doing home so soon?" Scott asked tiredly, rubbing his eyes as he yawned. "Is everything alright?"
"It's six in the morning, Handsome. Did you not sleep?"
"Hardly; but it's okay. Wes had a bad dream but fell asleep the second I brought him out here. We just sat and cuddled all night,"
Mitch nodded and leaned down, kissing Wesley's head before kissing Scott's cheek. "Can you put him in his bed?"

"Hey," the brunette looked up from his spot in bed as Scott walked into his bedroom and leaned against the wall next to his television. "Wessy is in bed and I cleaned up the livingroom a bit. I'm gonna head out, if that's okay with you?"
"Do you- do you want to stay?" Mitch offered, smiling shyly. "It's so early and I don't want you to drive home tired since you've been up all night,"
"You sure you don't mind me staying? I don't want to intrude,"
Mitch nodded, lifting up the edge of his duvet and inviting Scott in. "Positive."


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