My mind was struggling to keep up with the milky crystal corridors that shimmered with a pinkish white light as we walked. At first, I thought that the walls were moonstone, but I soon realised they held a smoother and more translucent texture.

"Fascinating. This is the first time I've walked through a corridor made from milk tourmaline. The semblance magic imbued within the walls causes the stone to cast those delicious watermelon streaks to give you that walking on a cloud feeling," Death said that almost made me blurt out with a strange reaction.

"Why have you been silent Death?!" I curtly thought whilst hiding my relief.

I was conscious of not drawing unnecessary attention from Lyra and Buru.

"We were staying low until I knew that we were safe to talk. Besides, Small Cap's body needs a lot of daytime rest. Fortunately, you weren't body searched or had your belt taken off you."

"Isn't mind speaking secure enough?" I frowned.

"Not with you. Your mind is like an open tent with a welcome sign. I'll need to teach you the skill of mind shielding once I've returned to my body," he lectured me.

"For now, I'm acting as your shield, but it won't block anyone who is a semblance master pertaining to telepathy."

My thoughts naturally returned to that weird dream with Leinard with hopes Death hadn't seen it.

"I did and that is another matter for discussion, once this whole thing is behind us." Death sternly confirmed, making me cringe with an urge of finding a hole to crawl into, so I could lie low for a while.

"Me find good bark Freend can hide behind." Small Cap chipped in with his version of a consoling pat on the back.

"Thank you, Small Cap, I won't need the bark, but I appreciate the gesture. You're a great friend." I reassured my spider friend and felt a rush of good cheer from his mind.

Colin and I continued to follow Lyra's lead in silence. I could tell by his eyes that he was carefully considering the situation and possibly for the moment we would be able to break for an escape. Right now, we had no idea of our surroundings, so it was best to play safe for the time being.

I was also curious about the person who was a splitting image of Leinard. Did Leinard and Trix have an older brother that I didn't know about? I was sure I would learn soon enough.

The tourmaline corridors finally ended at a destination. I blinked with surprise at the sight before me. Office? You've got to be kidding me. The Office of Exacles was a weird pentagon shaped chapel that was five times bigger than the Butsudan Hall.

Milky tourmaline walls provided a backdrop to silver statues of winged snakes (baring their fangs) at each corner of the room.

I glanced to my feet and saw a sharp pointed star drawn (with tourmaline) across the entire silver floor area; each point of the star ended at one of the snake statues.

Leinard look-a-like was waiting for us at the center, before moonstone steps that led up to a wide dais where four statues of armed men on rearing horses were displayed.

I gasped with awe when I saw letters of silver light animated across the surface of the statues.

"The statues are made of bluestone. A lot of semblance magis use this stone for tapping into Chiorntex energies. I'm not surprised that residual magic will linger on these statues if they were used for divination purposes." Death's voice intruded on my thoughts.

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