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                           Jack p.o.v
I am going to bully Madison more now. I can't like her. She cant like me I am here bully not her boy friend. I walked up stairs and towards her.

Jack-I can't believe you
Maddie-What did I do
Jack-Made me fall in love
Maddie-Im not Gabbie so...
Jack-I hate you.

I pushed her into the wall and kicked her in the chin and yah. I feel really bad but this is real this is me. I'm exactly who I'm supposed to be now. (sorry.😂)

Jack-Because I hate your guts.
Maddie-I-I can't.

With that she got up and tried to run but speed walked out of the house. U felt really bad. Honestly more than when I put her in my locker.

                       Maddie p.o.v
First, why would Jack do that. Second, I should have never liked my bully. Three, I am soooo mad. Four, I just went downstairs and punched Gabbie in the face 4 times. Brittney was here and watching it happen.

Gabbie-Who do you think you are.
Brittney-Pause I'm the bitch that's going to ruin your life.
Gabbie-Oh really. JACKKK
Jack-What happened. Madison just because your mad dont go hitting people.
Brittney- oh shut up okay you're the one who hit her four times you hit her in the stomach you hit her in the leg you punched her and now you're just telling her to not happy well go, she's mad, you probably did that because you weren't happy with her okay you need to stop okay I'm done with you you guys are breaking up you can be happy with Gabby she's a whore but just know nobody likes you the way that she liked you.

Everything Brittney said was true. But she forgot one thing.

Maddie-... Okay okay okay Jack cheated on me last night with Gabby and I was kind of listening and pretended to be asleep but I didn't want them to know. 
Jack- how many times do I have to tell you I didn't cheat on you she was over here last night because I needed to copy down something that I missed in school you dummy.
Maddie- that's not what I heard I heard you guys saying I heard do specifically saying that you were cheating on me but we can't tell Maddie listen guys I can't do this.

I began to cry because I really like Jack and he just turned around and cheated on me I thought I could trust him but I can never trust a high school bully.

Brittney-Oh you cheated hhooooooooohhhhhh.

Brittany ran after Jack just pushed her to the ground and I was shocked after that I couldn't believe Jack I thought I can really trust him but he was really my high school bully forever and he always believe me no matter what. I should have known.

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