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Just as the train horn faded away in the distance, Abigail opened her eyes to find herself back in the dreary monochrome version of Bellview High. She steeled herself for an potential vision of Frank Anderson teaching his psychopathic daughter how to finally get under Nadia's skin, and forced herself off of the bench.

It took only a few steps towards the entrance hall when the stench of something burnt wafted Abigail's way. Whatever it was made Abigail gag as she carefully stepped around the curve of the theater wing entrance. Just as she rounded the bend and reentered the school's main hall, she froze up at the sight of the stench's source.

Before her lay the still-smoldering husk of a massive man, his beautiful face permanently etched in an expression of mingled pain and hatred as his hand reached upward in vain. Wisps of black smoke curled up from the ruined shell, endlessly twirling about it. The black carapace before Abigail looked like it had belonged to a man well over 7' tall.

"What the hell is this supposed to be?" Abigail thought as she tiptoed around it. "I've never met Frank Anderson, but we've all seen pictures of his smarmy face, and this is definitely not his. So why is this here?"

The hall before her was devoid of life, an utterly gray and empty entrance hall that should've had at least a few passersby from Nadia's time going their separate ways. Something was already off about the vision Abigail had received, and despite the lack of people around her, she had the uncanny sensation that there was still somebody else with her.

"Where's Nadia? Vincent Bartek? Hell, even Jessica Anderson! None of this is making sense! I wanted to know who this 'man-behind-the man' is that Mr. Campbell was referring to, but this whole thing feels like a dead end...and if it's not Frank Anderson or Harris after all, then who am I supposed to be looking for?"

At the opposite end of the hall, a man emerged from one of the side hallways, in full color and walking briskly towards Abigail. At first, she couldn't make out who the stranger was, but when she stepped forward and got a closer look, her heart swelled.

Coming towards her was none other than Gabriel Wright, her beloved father, looking just as regal as he had before his cancer had first seized him. He looked like he always had, light-brown skin, those arresting blue eyes that Abigail had luckily inherited, and with the same charming aura that had captivated so many. All that was missing from him was the warm smile he'd always reserved for his only beloved child.

"Dad!" Abigail shouted for joy. She sprinted forward, eager to tackle him into a tight embrace, confused but thrilled nonetheless to be reunited with him at such an inopportune moment.


She paused in mid-sprint, stung by that harsh word coming out of his mouth. In all the scenarios Abigail had ran through her mind for the wondrous moment when daughter and father would finally be reunited, his contempt was absolutely unexpected. He stood a few feet away from her, glaring her down and no longer resembling the kind man she'd never stopped loving.

"Dad, I don't understand-" Abigail tried to say, fumbling with her words and having to fight the urge to cry in hurt.

"You shame me with the choices you've made since I left!" Gabriel Wright snarled, paying no heed to the horror washing over his daughter's face. "I'm embarrassed that you're my flesh and blood!"

Abigail felt herself start to hyperventilate as her worst nightmare, the slightest notion that her father would ultimately reject her for being transgender, become her reality. Gabriel Wright was devoid of his usual warmth as he continued to snap at her, looking almost thrilled to see that she was a wreck at his words.

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