Chapter Ten

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  Deku stared at me. His gaze was dull. I know that if I didn't get him out of here soon that this would be his grave. I started to untie him from the chair and put him on my shoulders so he had his feet dangling on the left and arms in the right. Ashido walked into the room.

  "Deku! Oh my gosh, we have to leave now!" She exclaimed quietly.

  "Yeah, no shit Raccoon. Let's go." I huffed before walking out of the room. She nodded and followed me. We went down the hallway and I saw Magnet guy. "Fuck..." I pressed my back onto the wall and I heard Deku groan. I knew that he heard him. I knew that he heard me. We are so done for. I covered his mouth when I heard footsteps coming towards our hallway and ducked behind a wall. This was it. The end if our escape. Fuck. Fuck. Shit. Fuck.

  "Hey Magne, I need help over here." I heard Twice call out. Thank god...

  "Alright." I heard footsteps going away from us and when I knew that he was gone, I exhaled.

  "That was close." I heard Pinky talk. I jumped, forgetting that she was here.

  "Holy shit, I forgot about you." I shook my head. "Let's go and get Kirishima." She nodded and we started to walk, alert for footsteps of unsuspecting villains.

  When we came to the turn, Ashido held me back. "I'm going to check. You have a body on your shoulders, making it easier to catch you." I just grumbled and let her look. She turned back to me. "Alright, the coast is clear."

  I nodded and ran quietly around the corner, only to bump into Ghastly. I fell backwards and Deku rolled off of my shoulders while Ashido tripped over Deku. "Shit..."

  "Thought that you were going to get away with escaping, did you?" He laughed.

  "Raccoon Eyes, you need glasses if you didn't see this whispy motherfucker." I said before grabbing Deku and Pinky and darting the other way, careful to avoid warp gates.

  We ran around the building and made it to our original hallway, avoiding the Training Room but a warp gate stopped us dead in our tracks. It was big enough to cover the whole hallway. Suddenly, Handman walked out while holding Kaminari in his grip, a wicked smirk on his awfully chapped lips. Kaminari was freaking out, his eyes were in pure panic mode and I noticed that the only thing separating Kaminari and death was one single finger.

  "So, you wanted to escape with your pink friend and broccoli huh? I was going to let this one live, but I guess not." Tomura laughed.

  "P-Please no! I just got together with the love of my li-" Kaminari's pleas were frantically cut off by Tomura.

  "Shut up! You're in High School!" Tomura shook his head as if he was trying to get back on topic. "All of you, get inside!" He pointed to the room I originally was in with a long, skinny, bony finger. He dragged Denki in there and the rest of us followed. We were all terrified of what was going to happen next. "Kurogiri! Bring in the Red Head!"

  Suddenly, Kirishima dropped from the ceiling. I ran over and helped him up. He had more bruises than before and his eye was mostly swollen shut. I hugged him tightly. "Eijirou, if we don't make it, I love you." I told him before pushing him behind me protectively with Ashido and Deku. "What are you going to do?!" I noticed that Kaminari was still in his grip.

  Kaminari noticed Kirishima. "Bro! You've been here this whole time?!"

  "Not now Denki! What's going on?" Kirishima yelled.

  "I'm asking the same thing!" Kaminari exclaimed.

  "Ugh! You both are annoying!" Tomura rolled his eyes before having them return to their glint of evil. "Now, I've brought you all to watch the show." He gestured to Kaminari and his hand. Kaminari was a mess.

  Kaminari must've noticed. He must've seen that he was gesturing to under his neck where Shigaraki's hand laid. He started sobbing. "N-No! Le-Let me go! Please! I have a boyfriend who lov-" Those were his last words. Handman used all fingers on his throat and that caused Kaminari yelled in agony. It happened in sloe-motion, but in real time it had to of been around five seconds. His expression was coated in pain as his flesh started to flake and fall off. Kaminari gave us one last painful expression before his entire body turned to ash.

  For a moment, everyone was silent. It happened so fast. Our friend. Our loyal, goofy, idiotic, caring friend, just turned to dust before our eyes. And now, nobody will be able to hear his voice, or see him smile, or witniss him when he runs out of power, or when he's hanging around with his friends in person ever again. And it was all thanks to this awful person in front of us. He was the one to break the silence by laughing.

  "NO!" Ashido was bawling. At this point everyone was, except for Deku, who was still unconsious out on the floor. She tried to push past me but I held her back.

  "Do you want to die too?! We lost Kaminari, we can't lose another!" I yelled. She just buried herself into Kirishima's shoulder. I stared at Shigaraki. He took a life, so it should be fair if I did the same, right?

  I leaped. Tomura wasn't prepared. I leaped and attacked him. I hated him. I hated him for what he did to Pikachu. What he did to our Pikachu. He took away someone's life who had so much potential, so many possibilities. His future was a shining lightbulb, but now it laid on the ground, broken and shattered into a million different peices.

  I grabbed his throat and choked him. "YOU BASTARD! I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU PAY! HE HAD HIS WHOLE LIFE AHEAD AND YOU JUST TOOK THAT ALL AWAY." I could tell that I was crying. I never cry. Kirishima grabbed my hand and yanked me back before I could do more damage. Tomura glared at me.

  "I would kill you too if you weren't so valuable to us."

  "What does he mean by valuable?" Kirishima asked. He still thinks that I'm just their regular prisoner.

  "I-They're forcing me to join their league. I did for like a day and a half but I'm done." I stopped crying and growled at Tomura while I stared.

  He just clicked his tongue on the roof of his mouth. "I guess I should take another life if you won't cooperate."

  "Over. My. Dead. Body." I got into a defensive potition. I shouldn't have worded it that way. It gave him ideas.

  An evil grin spread across his face when I finished talking. "Over your dead body huh? You gave me a great idea. You can live, but your friends die, or, you die and your friends live and get released back to the world? Isn't that a great plan?"

  "Hell no! Stay the fuck away from me and my other friends!"

  Tomura continued on with his idea.  "Say, what's it gonna be? Your life, or theirs?"

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