Pilot (Episode 1)

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Augusta, Georgia, United States

Sophie sits within a Post Office cross legged picking her thumbs nail tearing and biting it off. She is given a yellow box full with Today's and Yesterdays Uncollected vouchers, birthday cards and more importantly bills with The Statue of Liberty printed at the top. 

Ms. Jills: Sophie you're nothing like your mother. You're lazy and selfish and if you don't hand them in under an hour you will be fired.

Ms. Jills is the owner of the Post Office and a Grandmother at the age of 86 turning 87, she hired Sophie's mother when she was 13 and is now seen as the Grandmother to Sophie. Her wrinkles tell a story of every year and every sack. 

Sophie: You'll never fire your favorite worker... or should I say slave?

Ms. Jills: STOP AND GO!

Sophie sighs and leaves the Office while slamming the already broken door behind. She hears Ms. Jills fill up with anger and swear at Sophie but smiles while walking away. She pulls open the yellow box and picks up Mr. Jewenson's Birthday Card and snickers at "Jew". As she reaches the Jewenson household a vibration of fright shiver Sophie and her vision fuzzes, turning black. She regains her vision as the doorbell rings for the Jewenson's and an elder man answers the door.

Mr. Jewenson: What? Why would you ring the doorbell? Looking for trouble?

Mr. Jewenson looks at Sophie with a perplexed look and continues to look at her for answers to the questions he boldly made. Sophie shrugs off the questions and hands him the Birthday Card.

Mr. Jewenson: Oh- mail. Sorry about that. 

Mr. Jewenson takes the card and backs up to close the door on Sophie but just before re-opens the door and looks at Sophie one last time before grabbing her arm. 

Mr. Jewenson: You look awful - my lovely. Why don't you come inside?

Sophie struggles to get him off her arm and gets smacked across the face by Jewenson.

Mr. Jewenson: You disrespectful yo-

Sophie uses her other hand and outstretches it, a power forces the man back into the kitchen and a roaring flame erupts from the stairs spreading into the kitchen and surrounding the man and burning him alive. He swings at the flames with his arms in an attempt to escape but the flames engulf him and burn him into a crisp. Sophie reaches her other hand inside her pockets and dials the police.

Sophie: Help-.

2 Days Later

Ms. McDonald: We can't keep her here, she's dangerous and how do we know she can't kill anyone else!

Sophie hides cramped up in her bed listening to another argument between her parents about the day of the fire. Her little brother waddles into her room and crawls into the bed with her while complaining about the argument.

Mr. McDonald: We don't know that! We must send her away!

The argument progressively turns silent as they start deciding whether to send Sophie away or not. Sophie fights back her emotions and remains strong infront of her brother while reading him a story from a book Sophie was given by her great-grandmother. Halfway through the book, her parents walk in; her mother looking more mean and her father an emotional mess.

Ms. McDonald: I'll take him and you can explain everything to her.

Ms. McDonald refuses to look at her daughter but gives a mean tone to her husband. She swoops up her son and walks away to leave Sophie and Mr. McDonald alone. Mr. McDonald looks at her with a selfless but strict expression.

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