Chapter 19: IT'S A HETERO TRAP!

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1) FIND HARU (Complete ✔)


The lesson finally ended with Haru and Ken disappearing, it's lunchtime and I decided to look around for Ken but couldn't find him. His classroom? no, his locker? no, his room? no, seriously where did they go? did they get spirited away?

Giving up on the search to find them, I've decided to go to my locker to pull out my elemental textbook to find two letters, one letter is sealed with a heart sticker, another is with a red polka dot ribbon. Opening the red heart letter, I read;

Dear Alex-sama

I am writing to you to tell you my true emotions,

I've had strong feelings for you ever since your siblings' birthday party,

I know you didn't notice me amongst the crowd of girls,

which is why I want to confess these strong emotions before it's too late ><

please meet me up at the rooftop at the end of the day!

From Your Secret Admirer~ ❤

I'm not gonna lie but she's right, it's already too late. I'm not straight anymore so she's way past the expiry date.

After a sigh, I showed the letter into my pocket and opened the polka dots letter next, 'I'm happy with the way things are, for now. I love you, my dear' after reading the creepy letter I looked up at my locker again to see a photo, it was a photo of me in my sleep back at the mansion.

H-how? could it be? Ken? Ken was the first person that came to mind since he's the only one that I let sleep in my room. However, since this is a demon I'm dealing with they can sneak into my room whenever they want so I can't be suspecting just Ken.

"Mr Hellsing!" I snapped out of my thoughts to turn to see the hall monitor, "shouldn't you be in your lesson?" I quickly nod and departed before the hall monitor grabbed a hold of me. Freezing time, I entered the classroom and took a seat at the only empty spot at the back of the room, unfreezing time the teacher continued with the register to make sure everyone is in, the went on and the lesson dragged on ever so slowly. If I hate school in my previous life, how am I going to like school now?

Sleeping throughout my entire lesson while using my illusion to create fake me, I was able to get away with sleeping in the lesson. Lessons are over and all the youths are ready to hit the sack, including me of course but unfortunately, "Alex!" facing me was Ken, "oh Ken is there something the matter?" slightly embarrassed he shuffles his feet for a bit before looking up at me again.

"If it's possible can we talk alone in private for a bit?" he points to a nearby empty classroom, "Uh sure" I hesitated to follow him inside, but the moment we got inside the atmosphere quickly got awkward thinking back to the night he confessed.

"So what was it you wanna talk about Ken?" he shyly looks up with the same blushing face like me, "Alex I know things are awkward between us because of my feelings, but I just want to let you know that even though I like you I don't want it to be awkward between us!" he fidgets with his fingers. I smiled happily to know our relationship as brothers is not broken, "thank you Ken" I pat his shoulder, "b-but Alex this doesn't mean I'm over you! I'll continue to love you more then a brother even if you will never see me that way and until you find someone you truly love is when you're allowed to reject me..." he mumbles the last words bitterly and sadly.

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