Chapter Uno

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"Go grab me some crushed tomatoes cans" my mom told me. "How many?" I asked. "Wait a sec." she said and looked at the circular again.

"Get 5" she replied. I picked up 5 and put them in the cart. My mom was taking forever in the grocery store. I had to get ready for the KAM concert tonight.

"Can we go now mom?" I pleaded. "The concert isn't going anywhere Leah." my mom assured me. We walked to the Produce aisle and she picked up some apples.

I pulled out my phone and checked the time. It was already 1:00. "Mom we really have to go, I'm gonna be late. Kayla is picking me up at 2!" I reminded my mom.

"You and this Malin and Kyles. I'm tired of hearing their names". I almost slapped my mom. But I didn't. I'm not about that life. "Mom, its KALIN AND MYLES. And please, we have to go!" My mom rolled her eyes. "Fine" she muttered. She pushed the cart begrudgingly to the self checkout station. Thank God it wasn't occupied.

"You're lucky I'm me" she said. "Here's the keys. You can go wait in the car. But when I'm done, I'll call you to bring the car to the front entrance." she explained.

"Thanks mom!" I ran out the door and to the car. I jumped inside and blasted both the A/C and Rude by Magic.

I waited for about 5 mins when my mom called me on my phone. "I'm out, come get me" she said. I turned the key in the ignition and started the car.

I pulled up to the entrance and my mom was standing their with clenched teeth shaking her head. I jumped out the car, put all the bags in the trunk, and jumped back in. We pulled out of the parking lot and drove home.

About 10 mins later, we got to our house. Before my mom could even unbuckle her seat belt, I darted to the front door. I turned the knob and ran upstairs to my room.

My brother was upstairs at the time, in my dads office. "Go help mom with the bags" I yelled from my room. "No way, you do it, buttface." he snapped back. I stormed out my room, into the office, and pinned him to the wall.

"Now look. I'm really in a rush right now, and when I'm in a rush, I get angry. So just do what I told you or else." When i let go of him, he walked calmly to the office door. Then, he turned around and stuck his tongue out at me, but he ran and out the door before I could snatch him.

I finished taking my 5-minute shower and I rushed to my room. I applyed deodorant and stuff and I opened the doors to my closet and grabbed the outfit I put together last week. I know, I know. I was super excited for this concert, okay? I unhooked it from the beam, put it on (it was a light blue crop top with white high waisted shorts) and plugged in my curler wand.

While it was heating up, I ran to the bathroom with my makeup bag and started my routine. Then, of course, while I was in the middle of applying my bronzer, my mom called me down. "You have got to be freakin kidding me" I thought to myself. I put my bronzer brush down and bolted down the stairs.

"Yes mom?" I said sarcastically enthusiastic. "Can you pass me the remote?" she innocently requested. "Really mom, that's what you called me down for?" I said to myself. I didn't feel like arguing over her request because I was running late, so I sped to the coffee table and got it for her (keep in mind that the coffee table was like 5 feet away from her) "Thanks Leah" she said. "Yeah" I replied, annoyed.

I ran back upstairs to finish getting ready. My curler was already heated up so I curled my hair while simultaneously finishing my makeup. I'm a master at this I tell you.

I finished my hair and makeup and put on my white bandana I bought from Charlotte Russe. Then I grabbed my Daisy perfume and spritzed some on. Next I grabbed my light brown shoulder bag from my door. I put my keys and wallet in the bag and grabbed my phone from its charger. I checked the time. 1:50. I ran downstairs and my mom was slouching on the couch, watching reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond. That old behind show.

"I'm finished mom. Kayla is coming." I told her. "Yeah go have fun, bye" she replied halfheartedly. She was engrossed in her show.

"Thanks. Oh wait, I almost forgot my bags" I remembered. After the concert, I was staying at Kayla's house for the weekend.

I ran upstairs to my room and grabbed them. I heard Kayla's car horn honk from upstairs. I ran downstairs and kissed my mom goodbye. "Bye mom" I said. "Bye sweetie. See ya Monday" she replied looking at the TV. I smiled and shook my head.

"See ya dweeb" I shouted to my little brother who was now downstairs in the basement, doing whatever the heck 9 year old boys do. "Bye dork" I heard a faint voice shout.

I walked out the door and down to the street where Kayla was, waiting in her car excited. I put my bags in the trunk and hopped in the front seat. "Sorry I took long" I told her.

"Its OK girl. Let's just hurry up and get there. I don't get a hug though?" she responded. I laughed and hugged her. "You look cute Kay" I told her. "Thanks babygirl, so do you" she responded. She pulled the gear into drive and we sped off.

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