21. SleepOver ?

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I yawned and stretched before fully getting up. I sat up in my bed and bent over to look at Rihmere.

"What the fuck" I said jumping out of bed

I ran down the hall to Minks room and opened the door. Rihmere was isn't his bassinet and Mink wasnt in her room. I ran downstairs and saw Meek and Mink at the table and Rihmere sitting in his baby chair. I grabbed my chest as I struggled to catch my breath.

"You okay" Meek said turning around looking at me
"Yeah yeah I'm good" I said finally catching my breath
"I made you breakfast" He said
"Oh woah thanks"
"No problem"
"Mere ate" I asked him
"Yeah he ate"
"Mommy guess what"
"What princess"
"Daddy taking me on a date"
"Oh really and I wasn't invited" I asked her playfully
"Nope sorry no mommys allowed" She said and me and Meek laughed
"Well you should go get dressed princess" Meek said and Mink yelled okay and ran upstairs
Meek and I ate in silence until I broke it.

"Soooo uhh you okay" I asked him
"Yeah I'm fine"
"You're sure like you're really really fine" I asked him and he laughed
"Yessss Onika" He said and I rolled my eyes
"Papi's coming downing here today" he said and I smiled brightly
"Oh wow how long you keeping him cause I wanted spend some time with him too" I smiled
"I think about a week" He said and I nodded



"Daddy" Mars spoke
"Hm" I asked looking up from my phone

She was looking at her paper as she was coloring on her kiddie menu.

"You and mommy going to get back together" She asked me

I looked at her for a minute before speaking and she still was looking at her paper.

"I don't know baby why"
"I just don't like have two houses"
"Why not" I asked her
"Because I want one house with you me and mommy" She said

I looked at her and smiled, she looked exactly like her damn mother.

"Well we just have to see what God got planned for us" I said and she nodded
"Daddy" She spoke again
"Yes Princess" I said
"Does Mere have to be your son" She asked me
"Huh" I asked
"I just like being your baby" She frowned

I thought about how I have been kind of neglecting her to deal with Rihmere but it never was done on purpose.

I got up from my side of the booth and went over to her side and pulled her into a big hug.

"You're always my baby no matter how many babies me and mommy have you're always daddy's baby" I told her and she giggled and pushed her long curly hair out her face
"And you're always going to be my daddy" She said kissing my cheek


"SHIT" I yelled coming up from a squat
"Wooo mommy needs a break" I said to Rihmere who was in his little chair

I walked over to the mini fridge that I had in my workout room and got a bottle of water.

I took a sip then my phone started ringing.

"Hello" I said answering after seeing it was Meek calling me
"What you doing" He asked me
"Just got done working out" I told him
"Why" He asked me scrunching his face up
"I still have a little baby weight"
"So" He said
"Anyways where you at where my baby"

He flipped the camera and showed me Mink and Papi in the backseat sleep.

I laughed and shook my head
"Whats y'all next stop" I asked him
"My house, you want to come" He asked me
"Huh" I said acting like I ain't hear him


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