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(PEOPLE. Keep in mind I got this from Wiki. She isn't an OC I invented, but a cannon whose yet to make an appearence.)

Human Name - Gráinne Kirkland.

Appearence - Ireland has long vibrant ginger hair and wears two daises on each side of her head, which represent the common wildflowers that grow in Ireland. She has light fair skin and bright green eyes. Notably she a visible scar on her left cheek, which England is responsible for during the time the two went to war over Ireland's independence.

Her most recognisable feature is her height. Unlike the other countries, Ireland has a very short, yet sturdy stature and looks to be 18 years old.

A very pretty nation, she has an average slim body and a medium sized chest. Like America, though she was a colony of England, she wasn't cursed to have thick eyebrows like the other colonies such as New Zealand, Australia, and Hong Kong.

When Ireland was little, she was mistaken as a boy by the other countries because of her short, boyish hair, and boystrous personality. Although, her real gender was revealed as she began to mature.

In her childhood years, Ireland was rasied by Vikings (*cough* The Nordics *cough*) so she wore clothes that were made by Viking women. Most of her head was covered by a Spangenhelm; a type of helmet worn by Vikings. The helmet is made out of silver and bronze and is decorated by a pale beige border around the base, which has screws on it and the horns of a bull are placed on the sides of the helmet. Ireland also wore an undertop made out of boar skin that was covered by her armor and breastplate. She also wore shoulder plating which covered most of her shoulders. She also wore bore skin fingerless gloves. Ireland wore a belt around her waist which held a sword placed inside a sheath and was sometimes seen carrying a round wooden sheild.

When she was not in battle and was wearing casual, she wore a white shirt with a light green overtop, brown pants, and brown shoes. When the other countries found out her real gender, Ireland began wearing more feminine clothes to show people that she was in fact a girl. She wore a white cotton sleeved shirt, with a dark green bow tied around the collar and a light green overdress over it. Along with this, she had brown boots and wore her hair in pigtails tied by dark green ribbons.

Today in her casual wear, Ireland wears a white shirt with a green dress that splits open slightly under her thigh and exposes a small part her left leg, the dress covers all of her right leg where she keeps her knife. She also wears natural coloured stockings, with green high heels.

Ireland is almost always seen wearing a light green baret on her head. It was revealed that the hat was given to her by her brother England. One day, when they stopped by a hat shop, Ireland became a little obssessed with the hat and planned to work hard to save enough money for it. Surprisingly, England earned a lot of money by getting many different jobs without his older sister knowing. England said that the baret was a thank you present for Ireland because she was always doing good things for him.

However, during times of war, Ireland takes on a completely different outfit. Instead of her usual attire, Ireland wears a dark green Irish army uniform with matching black boots, a dark green army cap and black fingerless gloves. She has a red armband which has the logo of the I.R A. The daises that are seen on her hair are replaced by black hairclips. Also, she likes to have her black army gun bag which holds a Steyr AUG; her signature weapon. She is seen with this gun even when she’s not fighting. Ireland also has a switchblade knife in her pocket which she usually uses in close combat.

Personality And Interests - Ireland is depicted a cheerful and yet stubborn character. She is depicted to be really generous and caring, someone who will always be there to help out her friends. However, she gets upset easily and is shown to have anger issues, she has very strong ideals about righteousness and her unfortunately-violent outbursts are usually well-motivated. Contrast to this she is also known to have a slightly clumsy disposition.

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