⚫Chapter 4⚫

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That was a beautiful name. It sounded like royalty, to be honest. As if he was a prince or a king.

"What's yours?"

"Uh, it's Leilani."

He nodded his head while he continued staring at me.

"Why have you been watching me?"

Are you kidding me right now? Does he not remember me?

"Why were you staring at me in SportChek? Have we met before?"

He just looked at me with a blank face showing no expression. He suddenly turned around and started walking into the forest.

"Hey! You can't just walk away from me! I'm talking to you!"

He continued walking away as I stood there fuming with anger. I jogged towards him and placed my hand on his shoulder trying to stop him. He immediately stopped as I felt the sparks go through my hand and into my figure for the second time. I held my breath as I felt immediate pleasure shoot into my body.

"D-Do you feel that?" I asked him.

He slightly turned his head and looked at me from the corner of his eye.

"Yes. I do."

I pondered a bit trying to process what was going on. My mother did tell me stories about werewolves having a human for a mate, but she told me it was very rare.

"Are w-we..."

"No. Don't say it."

What was his issue? Was he disappointed in the way I looked? Was he not into black girls?


"Are you a werewolf?"

I dropped my hand and swallowed slowly not wanting to tell him the answer. He wanted a werewolf for a mate. Not a human.


I watched him turn around to look at me. His grey eyes showed no emotion. They were stone cold causing me to shiver.

"I won't reject you because that would make me a coward and I'm not that mean, but I don't want you. Nor do I need you or a stupid mate."

I just stood there feeling very confused and hurt as well. I didn't even know I had a mate and now that I found him or now that he's found me, he doesn't even want me. This made me angry. How dare he decide this on his own?

"I'm sorry."

I narrowed my eyes at him with anger.

"No, don't apologize. I should be the one saying sorry. You're the one who's letting your wolf suffer, not me," I exclaimed.

I ignored his stare as I walked past him and walked towards home's direction.

Who the hell did this guy think he was?

I came to the conclusion that he was just having a bad day when he narrowed his eyes at me in SportChek because when I watched him from afar he would hum as he skipped rocks or smiled when interacting with the little boy. He was not the same guy who gave me that deadly stare.

And now that I've actually spoken to him and interacted with him, he's acting like a jerk. I just wanted to punch him in his perfect jaw and kick him where the sun didn't shine.

I hoped to the moon goddess that I wouldn't ever bump into him again for as long as I lived.

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