Eyes On Her

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Part 21-

*Two Months Later*

Demi's POV-

OMG today is the day I get to pick my beautiful amazing girlfriend up, finally free from that hospital. The doctors wanted to keep her in for that long incase something changed. And always doing checks on her brain making sure everything was healing how it should blah blah... Anyways Yeah we changed hospitals she was in a better place away from her dad. She kept thanking me for doing it for her, and how much she liked me. She felt much saver now her father wasn't in the picture.

She kept telling me bits about her family but not really giving to much away but I did find out she has a older brother called Jay-Jay and he lived back in England with his girlfriend and they're little son. She showed me a few pictures of him and her little nephew. He was the most cutest little baby I know!! he's only 6 weeks old. Beautiful dark brown eyes and hair, he was olive skin colour. Omg adorable his name is Leo, and next month we are going to fly over to England and see them which I'm happy about, because I get to meet her family... Well brother, but she also gets to see family she hasn't seen for 9 months. Going to be amazing day.

But yeah she just kept promising me once she left there and back home well mine because I told her she isn't going back hers because I want to look after her 24/7. To be honest I may as well of lived there with Y/N I just didn't want to leave her side after she nearly give me and all my family heart attack, Mrs. Philips came giving her different drugs helping her with the pain from the jaw, nose and head. After like a good half hour she just went the heart monition was just beeping like mad. Nurses came flying in told me to wait outside....
Save to say I was scared.

Anyways I've just sorted out my house out, got all the food Y/N likes. I'm going to cook her a lovely dinner later. Chicken soup with a spiced by the way this is homemade. Yes me cooking but it'll go okay hopefully!

Demi-" are you all packed? I'm about to set off now babe 💋💜"

Y/N-" yes baby. Just got to sign some papers and stuff first. I've missed you by the way.. Can't wait too see you!! 😘❤️"

Demi leaves the house and leaving Dallas, mads, Dianna and few of Demi's friends is sorting out all the house they all doing a welcome home party for Y/N. She going to love it! Demi gets in her car, speeds to the hospital but stops of at a flower shop picking her a big bunch of different coloured flowers, they was so beautiful then carried on to the hospital, Just has she arrives Y/N is signing the last of the papers, Demi walked up behind her wrapping her hands around Y/N's eyes, she jumped a little bit at first then relaxes In Demi's arms, Demi turns her around handing the flowers over to Y/N, Y/N read the little card thing.. (I dunno what they're called)

"To; Y/N my beautiful baby,
Hope you get better soon.
I hope I get to spend forever with you. You're the most amazing person, I thank god for bring the most amazing and beautiful girl into my life.
Ps; you turn me gay!:O

Love Demi ❤️"

Y/N's eyes started watering, she let a tear fall down her face but Demi was quick to wipe it away. And as she carried on reading the words, Demi knew she got to the end because by Y/N was crying and laughing at the same time. You both was lost in your out world before someone spoke.

Mrs. Philips-" sorry for coming in on you, but I have good news you are now free to leave the hospital. Ohh, here you need to take 2 off these twice a day okay? If you feel like anything getting worst come back here and we'll check you over"

Y/N-" no no it's okay, that's great news. I just want to thank you all you have done a great job and as well as give me a new hair cut haha! Okay thanks again doctor."

Demi-" thank you doctor." She said smiling widely


I'm so so so happy I get to leave this stupid hospital today! I wanted to leave over a month ago but no they wouldn't let me because of stupid crap this needed to do to me, always having needles in my arms. Which by the way I hate! I'm so glad I get to see my beautiful today haven't seen her for three days now. It's weird because I've had her by my side for nearly the two months. So these last three days have sucked so bad! But I kept remember the times we had in this hospital omg! I never knew Demi was so daring, well not this daring anyways!


Demi-" Babe i need you right now" she said into your ear. Which turned you on right away

Y/N-" D-Demi we can't have sex here"

Demi-" But baby... *puts on a sad face* please!! I want you to cum all over my fingers and face" aw said in a sexy tone

Y/N-"F-Fuck s-sake Demi you always turn me on at the wrong times!! Get here now, I want you!"

Demi gets on top of you giving her soft, gentle kisses. You drops her hands to Demi's ass, giving it a cheeky slap, which right way made Demi moan into your mouth, Demi stops kissing you and sits up right she give you the look which meant strip off, weird though because this only the second time you are going to have sex with her, but you read her so well. Anyways, you quickly took your top off and Demi did the same, you both just looked into each other eyes before checking out each other's bodies. You put your hands around her back and make your way to her bra back. Unclipping it and throwing it to the floor, you hold onto Demi but flipping her around so she was pinned to the bed, you look at her pants then back up her body, you took her pants off then the underwear she looked so hot lying there naked, you throw the rest of your clothes onto the floor and getting back on top of Demi, you place your hands just under her boobs, you grind your pussy against her wet pussy, she starts moaning but getting louder at each time. You kisses her to shut her up didn't want people hearing. You stare at Demi the whole time whilst grinding harder against her, she has her eyes closed. You can see she's enjoying it so you stop what your doing and fall down on the bed next to her laughing.

Demi-" I-I was getting close then you bitch!!!!"

Y/N-" did you just call me a bitch?"

Demi-" yes you are a bitch" she said laughing

Y/N-" call me a bitch one more time and see what happens?"

Demi-" Y/N you're a bitch" laughing even harder

You open Demi's legs as wide as you could and push two fingers deep inside her but moving them slowly to give her the pain of wanting more, with your free hand you play with her boobs, she turns in her side to look at you which gives you a harder job now! And you pull your fingers out her dripping pussy and bring them to your mouth sucking on each finger the sexiest you could. You knew Demi was enjoying watching you... Out of nowhere she lift your leg with hers and before you know it Demi is playing with your clit, rubbing two fingers against it softly. You feel yourself getting annoyed you wanted her inside you

*Knock, Knock, Knock*

Demi-" fuck sake. I just want to have sex with my girlfriend! *shouts* hold on"

End of flashback

There haven't moved it that forward to be honest....

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