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𝟐𝟎𝟎𝟔— 𝐀𝐑𝐓𝐇

CARDIFF, WALES was simple. There were simple people, simple places, and so on and so forth. Victoria felt unamused when she took a step out and then stepped right back in. It looked like any other city in the 21st century. She missed her sky-scraping buildings and odd looking people.

No matter if she liked it or not, there was a rift in the middle of the city that the TARDIS was able to sit by and soak up the energy like petrol.

Rose sat beside Victoria on the grating, the two both staring at the interior walls as they spoke to each other. Jack and the Doctor were fixing things around the console room while they waited to leave.

"What should I say?" Rose asked her advice, after explaining the odd relationship she had with her boyfriend, Mickey Smith, after meeting the Doctor.

Rose did love Mickey, but her life had grown beyond him. She had grown up from the immature, teenage relationship while Mickey stayed behind. The same as ever.

"Tell him you need your passport or something. Just something to get him here," she shrugged, turning her head that rested in her palm towards Rose.

Rose nodded in excitement, calling Mickey immediately.

"Mickey, hey, we're in Cardiff. Would you bring my passport? Why? Because what if we end up in Brazil?" she asked, her voice slightly raising.

She grinned ear to ear when Mickey agreed and hung up her phone.

Victoria sent her a small smile, patting her knee. "Make sure he knows how you feel," she whispered.

Victoria stood to her feet, Rose following as she hopped over to the Doctor. "Mickey's coming by!" she exclaimed.

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