Chapter 3

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Oliver's POV:
Three months later......

"Are you ready?" Rowan asks me while I button up my blue collared shirt.

"I am, I can't wait to bring our little girl home" I respond as I walk out of our bedroom.

"Hey dad, when are we leaving? Lucas is screaming different 'leaving times' out in the living room" Sebastian our oldest son asks while walking up the stairs meeting us in the hallway.

"I'll handle it" Rowan says while rushing down the stairs. I can hear Lucas in the distance screaming for the time.

Oh brother; I think to myself.

"Thanks buddy" I smile towards my son and pat him on the back lovingly.

"No problem" he sighs and starts to walk towards his room.

"Sebastian are you okay with Ellie joining our family?" I ask for the billionth time it feels like.

"Yes dad. I'm actually excited, Aspen will have someone to spaz out about girl stuff with" Sebastian grumbles no doubt annoyed with the memory of his little sister painting his nails. That was a stressful parenting day.

"Daddy" Aspen yells from her room.

"Aspen, What did I tell you yesterday?" I scold my daughter from the door frame of her room.

"Not to yell from the other room" she mumbles guiltily.

"What are some of the consequences for breaking daddy's and I rules?" I ask strictly.

"Timeout" she mumbles.

"That's right. I want you in the corner" I command and point towards the timeout corner.

I know I'm strict. I have to be or they won't take me seriously. But sometimes I feel like I'm constantly the bad guy. For god sakes, my kids think I'm so strict that they named me dad. Rowan of course is the good guy and gets to be called daddy.


"Okay" she whispers with defeat and dramatically drags her body downstairs to the corner.

"Two hours dad. Two hours" Lucas annoyances as he stomps up the stairs and to his room.

"Okay buddy. Let me know when we have fifteen minutes left of the two hours" I compromise. That gives Lucas something to focus on and look forward to telling us.

"One hour and forty five minutes until fifteen minutes to leave dad" Lucas declares. Sebastian smiles towards his little brother and Lucas continues to skip towards his room.

"You heard your brother. You have one hour and forty five minutes to get ready. Go take a shower and look presentable please" I tell my oldest son.

"But dad...." he starts to protest.

"No 'but's' you need to get ready. You can live one day without playing football" I tell him sternly. He gives me the famous Gibson puppy dog eyes. I just shake my head and point towards the bathroom.

- - -

"Aspen go take a shower" I sigh while walking down the stairs. I feel bad now. She's probably been in the corner for like twenty minutes. I totally got sidetracked.

"Okay dad. I'm sorry" she sniffs and gives me a quick hug before running up the stairs and towards the shower.

"She will be okay" Rowan says softly while circling his arms around my waist and pushing his front to my back.

I whirl around and smile down at my husband. I'm a good five inches taller then him at the height of 6'3. I kiss his perfect plump lips and hug him tighter.

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