Chapter 12

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Zinnia Point of View

Even though I'm not a great beauty, today I feel beautiful with the little shy adorning my face and not to mention the amazing dress I'm wearing.

Last night I got a call from Mr. Monk telling me that he is going to take me on a date today and asked me to get ready by ten in the morning and wait for him in nearby café.

To tell that I'm happy was an absolute understatement.

It feels so good to be finally courted and the thing that he is actively participating in this courtship is making me go crazy and just tell him 'I do' straight away.

I wonder where he is taking me. He did sound like he has a special place for our date but I'm so excited to contain my curiosity.

I tidied my violet frock with my hands to soften the creases. I looked at myself in the full mirror and to frankly speaking, I look beautiful in mid thigh violet frock matched with silver color earrings and a small cute bow type clip on my hair. I paired the dress with white sneakers.

Yes, sneakers.

I hate to walk on my toes; I'm already so clumsy that ground calls for me too often and wearing heels would practically lead me to crawl on the ground. Though it would be romantic to be caught by Mr. Monk while falling, I cannot risk my precious legs with hilly heels.

Anyways, I can even fall down in my sneakers so that's not a worry.

'Important note to be taken in initial dates is to make a light conversation about weather, nature and casual topics.' I read out from my mobile.

What would innocent people do without Google? According to me, invent of Google is the greatest invention of all. I can get information about anything and anyone and Mr. Monk is one of those searches.

Last night during the call, I asked him what his real name is, not his monk name but his real birth name and he said it is Demyan.

To say I was shocked was an underestimation. His name is exactly what his name is in the play just the difference of 'y' in the place of 'I' but both pronounce the same.

I think its fate.

To meet him, to be his patient, to be his heroine, his name being the same as I gave him in the play, to be going on a date and to be marrying later, it's all fate that is taking part in bind us with each other.

So, last night I entered the name Demyan in the search bar of Google and the first think that appeared is Mr. Monk's picture along with his profile.

I didn't know he was that popular and I was shocked to know that he is a businessman too and has many types of businesses all over the world.

Of course, he was trying to create employment opportunities. He's a Monk after all and to see to the welfare of the society is his major vision.

I was so proud to know and be going on a date with such a great person.

"Get in." I heard his familiar voice coming from just a foot away from me. Mr. Monk is leaning on the car and was assessing me from head to toe as if I am a belonging of Amazon forests.

I didn't even realize that he already arrived and was watching me. His eyes was fixed on me and he was looking at me from behind his sunglasses.

I think he is mesmerized by me and I do look adorable and pretty today.

No doubt he must be planning ways to marry me in his mind.

"Okie dokie. Let's go." I grinned and jumped towards the Mr. Monk who was waiting for me with opened car door.

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