A Hundred Hearts [Law x Reader]

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You lied down in bed, your eyes fixated through the window on the pitch black sky outside and Law's arm draped lazily over your waist.

It was a calm night, and yet you couldn't stop thinking about the events that had brought you two to where you were. You had done things that you were not proud of, but never in a million years would you have imagined that you'd see someone delivering a hundred hearts to obtain a title.

You didn't honestly know how to feel about that.

It wasn't like he hadn't explained the reasons behind his actions, and you understood them, but still... you couldn't help but to feel uneasy about the whole situation.

Law had noticed the change in your behavior, but he didn't know what had caused it, and so he had tried playing dumb and pretending everything was fine. Nevertheless, seeing that your mood was getting worse by the minute, he finally decided to ask you about it.

His hand, that had been gently resting on your skin up until that moment, pressed it lightly, bringing your body closer to his, his lips almost brushing against the shell of your ear as his husky voice broke the silence that had filled the room.

"What's wrong?"

You tensed up unconsciously as you felt the pressure of his digits under your chest.


Law remained silent, but he frowned and tilted his head as he registered the reaction your body had the upper his fingers trailed.

"Did I do something that bothered you?" He wondered, his hand going back down to your waist and finally completely abandoning your body to rest on his own thigh.

You took your time to answer his question, not really knowing how to bring the subject up, and that minute was more than enough to make it clear to him that something was indeed troubling you, and that it was his fault.

"I... it's nothing, really, I'm just tired," you lied.

How were you supposed to tell him that his mere presence now made you feel uncomfortable? To tell him that you were afraid his hand would dig in your chest and take away your heart too?

"You are a terrible liar, you know that?" The ravenette exhaled through his nose as he closed his eyes and lied on his back, his left arm under his head. "Whatever it is, tell me. You won't hurt my feelings if that's what you're worried about."

But, boy, was he wrong.

You had been lying on your side the whole time, almost as if hiding your face from him, but now you turned slightly to look back. With a slow blink, Law met your gaze.

You bit your bottom lip, trying to formulate a coherent sentence that would convey the message without being a direct attack.

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