Chapter 32 Going for a Ride

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Chapter 32


Finn adjusted well to the routine on the island.  It wasn't too dissimilar to the schedule on the ship as we cruised down the coast, but now he spent 2 hours with a Spanish tutor and 3 or 4 hours in his art studio most weekdays.  Weekends were a little more lax and I tried to add in some fun and interesting activities, like boating, using the Sea-doos or teaching Finn to sail.

We started most days of course with our gym routine and then his tutor came after breakfast.  He worked on sketches or went for a walk after the tutor left and then we met up before lunch like we did on Serenity; he helped me release any tension from my morning business and I helped him work up his appetite for lunch.  If this was Finn typing a text to Benji, he would have inserted a winky face here.

After lunch we strolled around the grounds or went for a swim and then I went back to my office while he went to paint.  Depending on how late we were up the night before, he sometimes found time for a nap, after all, he was still a growing boy and needed plenty of rest, so I never denied him that.  He was painting up a storm and they were all beautiful.

The first two weeks went by like a flash before it was time to go back to Miami for Finn's session with Declan.  I suggested he photograph the paintings he had completed so far and email them to Declan before we headed back, and as a result Declan had asked that he bring a few of them with him, so Finn picked out his four favourites and we packaged them up in brown paper and had them brought to Serenity with us.

I had a few meetings as well while we were in town, but we decided to stay on the ship for the night instead of going to the apartment so we could head back at first daylight.  We left early in the morning so that we'd be there by noon.  Finn was going to go work with Declan from 1:00 to 5:00 or so and after I dropped him off, I was going to attend a few meetings in the business district.  I would pick up Finn at 5:00, take him back to the Serenity, we'd have dinner and spend some time together, then I'd head back to shore later that evening with Steele; he and I were going to do a spot check on the club and see how the new managers were doing.  My good friend Phillip and manager of my most prestigious bdsm club in L.A. had also joined the team for a few months to make sure that the Doms both in management and membership were all well trained and keeping within our policies.  I never wanted a Sub to be abused or mistreated in one of my clubs.

Phil knew I was coming tonight, we had planned to meet, but the rest of the managers didn't know I'd be on-site. It was important for me to see what they had done without them knowing I was checking on them.  Finn knew I had some meetings this evening, but I didn't tell him I was going to the club.  I didn't want him there or at any kink club until he was at least 18 or 19 and I didn't want him to worry about it either.

The day went well.  Finn was at the gallery, I was meeting with some business prospects about a possible merger; it was the first time in weeks we'd been apart for such a long time though, and I have to admit, I was missing him.


For the first part of my session with Declan he was using my paintings as examples and showing me different techniques that I could use in them to get different effects.  He absolutely loved my paintings, but said using them as a springboard to teach from would expand my 'painting vocabulary' as he worded it.  Declan had gotten a set of special tools just for me, he said many of them are things from a regular hardware store.  I was fascinated with what he could do, and was teaching me to do with paint and other everyday materials.

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