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[He pretended to be the boyfriend of a total stranger, as she crashed a Wedding, One year ago. Would he ever be her real life boyfriend, after finding her again, and learning her true identity?]

The Sky's the Limit (A Pennington Story) - The Handsome, intriguing bachelor Skyler Pennington, is back with his own Story... We were first introduced to him, as a character in The House of Carrington. Now we have an opportunity to meet the real, Skyler Pennington. He becomes the CEO, of his father's  International Shipping Company, Pennington Inc.

He meets the beautiful, complex woman, that popped up in his life, momentarily. He accidentally encounters her as he attends his friend's wedding, and pretends she is his "Plus One".

Nicole Dunbar, is brilliant, determined, bi-racial and absolutely gorgeous. But she doesn't realize that her beauty, is without bounds. Skyler, finds out one year later, after running into her, that she had been working for Pennington Inc. for four years, without his notice.

The company is moving from Dallas, Texas to Savannah, Georgia. When Nicole hands in her resignation, Skyler doesn't want her to quit, now that he has found her, again. She decides to visit Savannah, after finding out that her true identity is related to the historical city. She may need Skyler's help once again... Follow the journey that leads Nicole, to meeting her family for the first time. Will it possibly lead her to, Skyler? Find out...

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Cover Credit: @kyavhill

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