Hey guys! I never formally introduced myself! I’m Hannah and I’m absolutely in love with One Direction. This book takes place in May of 2012. I’m well aware that some of the dates do not correspond but in order to have this story it must be like this. Thank you for reading! Please comment! I hope you enjoy J

Tara’s Outfits

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            Chapter 2

“You handled that MTV interview very well, Tara!” Janine, my manager, complimented. It was rare for her to relish on the positive things that I had managed amongst a heap of mistakes. I graciously responded with a large grin and twiddled my thumbs. We were in my studio’s offices about to be called into a management meeting regarding my upcoming tour. Just then, the “team” came in. This included my publicist, the head of Hollywood Records, two interns, an assistant, my tour manager and security supervisor. Janine and I entered the conference room. The president of Hollywood Records, Michael Eisner, placed a thick folder on the desk. “Always lovely to see you, Tara.” He smiled, reaching across the table to shake my hand.

“Let’s get down to business, shall we?” He paused, glancing around the table, “Okay, Tara’s choices for openers are Ariana Grande, Jessie J and One Direction. We have spoken to each of their management to inform them. Note that not all of the artists themselves have been fully notified. They are all free on the dates or have cleared their schedules and are now waiting for further instruction. Ariana posted one problem about her current show, but we can handle that later. Tara if you were to take one out, who would it be?”

“Ariana was going to be one of my first choices, but the entire debacle over her show is just too big of an issue to ignore. I think it would be best if we took her out of our list.” I said formerly. My vocabulary always expanded when I was in the presence of successful professionals. It was a skill I acquired as I excelled in the industry. Without it, you would be taken to be unprofessional and very child-like.

“So now we face the decision between Jessie J and One Direction. As you know, One Direction has agreed to postpone their 2013 World Tour so that they can go on tour with you from July to October. Jessie J’s schedule is cleared also.” Michael said.

“I would like to tour with…”

Harry’s P.O.V.

“’Sup Uncle Si?” Zayn asked. Simon had just called us and we were listening to him on speaker Louis’ and my apartment.

“Tara Wimbley chose to tour with you! Congratulations boys!” Simon shouted. We all glanced at one another, completely shocked. This was the first we had even heard of this. We rarely were notified on things like this because that was management’s job to handle. We agreed or disagreed on offers. Once we came to terms that this was actually happening, the boys and I started shouting and jumping on the couches.

“Settle down, boys,” Simon said chuckling, “Sorry I couldn’t tell you earlier but she didn’t quite know who she was going to choose yet and I didn’t want to get your hopes up. She’s flying out to London tomorrow to discuss your schedules.” I looked over at Niall and winked and he began laughing. “Meet me at Syco Records at 2:00 pm. and don’t be late.” With that we bid our farewells.

“You guys, I finally get to meet her!” Niall shouted.

“Calm down my young Irish child,” Louis said patting him on the back, “You have the entire tour to get to know the girl. Don’t blow all your moves tomorrow!” We all chuckled lightly.