Ch.15: The Bond They Share

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When Zack tries the door downstairs again, it opens without a hint of resistance— now unlocked.

He steps into the large living room, scythe ready in case Danny tries to surprise attack him. The doctor is nowhere to be found, however; completely missing.

He's not what matters right now, though.

Taking slow steps toward where Ray lies still unconscious, he glances down at the mangled, meshed-together corpse of her parents, crumpled in a heap on the floor. The rough stitch lines running over their arms, faces and sides fills him with nausea, especially knowing what he does.

'Not half bad at sewing', eh? Christ...

Coming to a stop at Ray's side, he gazes at her. Right now, her doll-like face is serene, as expressionless as usual yet in a more natural way. Those strange blue eyes of hers are closed, but he's thinkin' she's slept long enough.

Reaching out, he shakes her shoulder, roughly barking at her when she doesn't rise right away.

"Hey, wake up. You've had enough shut eye! Get yer ass up!"

She groggily opens her eyes and blearily looks up at him, her brows contorting in confusion.


Hastily sitting up and brushing her tangled hair out of her face, Ray blinks at him, seeming surprised. She takes note of his face, and her own falls.

"I'm so sorry," she tells him regretfully. "And I was so sure I wouldn't drag you down, too..."

"Shut up," he replies harshly, and she jumps. "None of that shit matters."

She grows even more bewildered by his no-nonsense tone, but right now he doesn't give a damn. He doesn't want to have to ask her what her true intentions are, or why she lied. This goes against everything he's known— stab first, ask questions later. That's been his whole life... and here she's come to break down everything he's built up so strongly.

"Listen to me... Ray," he says, meeting her eyes levelly without flinching. "I need you to answer me. The people who come to this floor..."

The words feel leaden as they roll across his tongue.

"...Are you gonna kill 'em?"

Those blue orbs widen, before suddenly growing darker. A shadow falls over her expression, and she seems at a loss for words. When she remains silent, he grows even more impatient with her, taking a step forward menacingly.

He's had enough of being toyed with.

"Hey! Explain yourself!" he growls.

Before he can shake the living daylights out of her for answers, a gunshot rings out, narrowly whizzing by his nose. He jumps backward, scythe swinging in his hands as he whirls to see who fucking tried to kill him just now.

"Can you stop getting rough with Rachel, Zack?"

Danny emerges from the shadows from the direction of the kitchen door, making his way behind the couch where Ray sits lifelessly, and Zack feels alarm bells go off in his head. He's too fucking close to her for his own good.

"Watch out!" he yells at her, but Danny fires another shot, this time skimming a line along the side of the boy's hoodie.

"Back off," the doctor tells him, that creepy-as-hell red and green eye of his seeming pinned on him.

The blood-stained physician continues rounding the couch to stand behind Ray's head, adjusting his skewed glasses carefully. He's still sporting a cut lip and seems a tad sluggish, which must be why he's hiding behind that stupid gun in his hand.

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