part 1

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I run to my two best friends and hug them like I always do. "wow why so happy this early in the morning" Macey ask. "Marcus and Martinus will going to have more concerts and maybe England will be next" I say. "Don't be disappointed if it's not" Ebonie say. "I won't but I have hope" I say. School bell ring and we go in class. We had history and it was extremely boring that I almost fall asleep. On lunch brake we sit on our usual place and talk about some random stuff. "I will go to trip with mom and dad next week and I will go today on little trip with mom and I'll come home tomorrow" Macey say. "Aren't we going on class trip to Oslo next week" Ebonie ask. "Yeah we do but I'm going in Oslo too so" Macey say. I look at my phone and automaticly see Marcus and Martinus posted new picture. I look at it and jump around. "why you jumping around" "they are having concert here in Sheffield this Saturday" I say and they both start to laugh. "Will your mom let you?" "I alredy asked and she say if I'll go with you then yes" I say and hug them. "You'll go with me right?" I asked with serious face. "yes of course" they say and hug me back. I'm so excited for concert. School bell ring and we go in class. School day was over and I almost run home just to buy tickets for the concert. "mooom" I yelled when I come in. I saw she talk with someone on phone so I wait. "oh that is amazing" "great" "oh I won't" "bye" she say. "Before you say something I alredy buyed tickets" shw say and I hug her. "Best mom ever" I say.

I hope you will like this story 😘

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