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Pen Your Pride

dragon games

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ok so i was at work chatting with my sister when this idea hit me so tell me what you guyz think

Chapter 1

The cave glowed in green, not any kind of green, emerald green! Like light reflecting from that precious gem, making me look star struck, I know I was dreaming, for nothing i'm seeing right now could be real, as I walked further into the cave I feel as if something, some weird force of energy is pulling me forward.

The cave I was in looked to be centuries old, with strange markings on the wall, but as I paid attention the drawings started to move and strangely enough I knew what it was saying.

" Your destiny awaits you my queen..........................................................'

As I stepped forward, the rocks started to moved I tried to find a place where i'd be safe from all the falling rocks and sand but as my hand touched the wall of the cave a great voice said

" behold for I am the dragon of wisdom, what do u seek young one? "

My eyes were deceiving me for in front of me stood a mighty dragon whose scales glowed bright emerald green, with twin ice blue diamonds for eyes and her tail had the magnificent display of rare gems that looked bigger than my hands .' I know i'm dreaming but you seem so real do you mind if I touch you Ms dragon '? I asked in a shy voice?

' Yes you may for when you do a great legacy will come to life and you will be our queen, our savior, remember young one once you touch my scales there is no turning back, you will see the future of this land which was once great!'

As my hand went out to touch the great dragon, my heart starts to race, I can feel the blood rushing through my body, so close I can feel the cold from the dragon, weirdly enough I always thought dragons were warm........................

Beep beep beep

'Damn it arrrggggggggggg my alarm went off!

'Man why now my dream was just becoming interesting' I said to myself

'Aliyah you are going to be late for your bus sweetheart" yelled my mom.

I always am late for my bus sumtimes i even have to run to catch up with it.

'Better get up Ali first day back to school will be hell.'

Got a quick shower, brushed my teeth, put on my glasses , grabbed my bag and a romance novel to read on the bus and went downstairs for breakfast, my mom is a great chef but when it comes to cooking for our family she sucks because she always makes the healthy foods for us and even my dad likes his junk food.

Grabbing my lunch off the counter, kissed my mom on the cheek I ran out the front door running to catch my bus since I am already 3 mins late for it.

Sighs QC high here I come ..................................................

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