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s/o telling them that sometimes she overworks her self by studying or training and that it's taking a toll on her mental health

Izuku Midoriya

• izuku was studying with you when he noticed you passed out- he began to panic and shook you awake. "hey are you okay?" hes worried, and you're like "not again!" and hes like ?? again !!?!

• you tell him how you've been studying and training extra hard recently and havent really had many breaks- sometimes you work/study through the night and now you keep passing out getting sad randomly he knows this isn't good.

• "you need to take a break" he says, knowing you're about to protest he adds. "please, for me." and he knows you're weak when it comes to him so you sadly agree

• he makes sure you're asleep, and he sighs- he should've noticed this earlier, he swears to himself to make sure this doesn't happen again

• once you wake up you feel 1000 times better and you're ready to work but izuku shakes his head and says you still need a break so then he'll offer to take you out on a date, to which you agree

• he just wants you to be healthy, either it be mentally or physically- he cares a lot about you and your health so hes going to be keeping a close eye on you for the next few weeks

Shouto Todoroki

• todoroki is very perceptive and noticed right away that you seemed to be more sad and anxious and angry than usual and he'll ask you about it once you two are alone

• you feel bad for being so noticable and apologize before telling him you've been working extra hard on studying and training and that you keep forgetting to eat important meals and sleep and he just mentally groans- he should've brought this up sooner

• he'll make sure you eat something and then he'll make up an excuse as to why you aren't in class while you sleep

• when you're awake you feel better, happier, healthier, etc. and hes happy to have the old you back and he asks why you were studying/training so hard and when you tell him you just felt like you werent good enough

• he'll tell you that you're wrong, but he'll study/train with you in an effective way rather than a destructive way and now hes over all the time

• always setting reminders on his phone to check up on you and make sure you've eaten and slept well and had a break or relaxed or something- he doesn't want you to be sad or angry so he is keeping a close eye on you

• if he notices this happening again he wont hesitate to call you out on it right away and talk to you about and make sure everything is okay and get you back on to a healthy schedule

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