Denki Kaminari

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Written by ohmybnha on tumblr

• so you and denki were hanging out and you're distracted doing something else for a second and hes racking his brain for an idea on how to ask you out because hes been trying to for a while

• and then you're like, "oh my gosh- denki is it raining!?" and he's like ?? yeah why ?? and you just jump up and drag him outside on to the grass

• and hes like "what are you doing?" and hes sorta laughing and confused and hes like shes too cute because seeing you dance around in the rain and sing is adorable

• and then a fellow classmate, mina, passes by and shes like ?? and you pull her to you and you two are dancing and now a few people are dancing and singing in the rain and you're soaking but hey theres no school today and its super boring so why not?

• and denki is still yet to dance along and sing, hes content watching you but then you notice him standing still and walk over to him, taking a hold of both his hands and you feel a little shock and grin.

• "dance with me denki." and you pull him into the small crowd thats dancing in the light rain and he can't help but let out another chuckle at your playfulness

• you're still holding hand and dancing like that, and he spins you around and you stumble close to him and now you two are chest-to-chest. you're breathless from dancing and hes breathless because you always manage to steal all oxygen from him.

• "denki? are you okay?" you ask, "do not want to get wet?" the look on his face in perplexed and you're afraid you overstepped some boundries so you control the rain so its not hitting him but he just continues to stare at you in absolute awe. "uh...denki?"

• "I like you." he says, catching you off guard and making your quirk stutter, the rain falling on you two again and denki is immediately like, "but its uh, its cool if you don't like me, thats totally whatever, aha..." but you just give him that ever playful and teasing grin and pull him close

• "I like you too." you whisper in his ear, and you feel a jolt of electricity flow through your bones and he apologizes instantly but you just shake your head telling him its okay.

• "Now will you dance with me?"

• and who is he to not comply?

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