Hitoshi Shinsou

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Written by ua-imagines on tumblr

• The first time Shinsou laid eyes on her, she was sitting by herself in the library.

• As cliché as it may sound, she was sitting on a table near the library's huge bay-type window which overlooked the school's campus and the way the sun lit up the section where she was sitting just caught his attention.

• He didn't talk to her that time though. It seemed rude to disturb her as she read.

• But when they ended up in class together, with her sitting to his left and right by a window again, he plucked up the courage to exchange a few words.

• It took quite a few attempts though. She was always staring out the window with a faraway look in her eyes or fiddling with her pen. Made it hard to grab her attention.

• The first actual conversation happened when the teacher partnered them up for an assignment. It wasn't particularly significant to the development of their relationship, but it opened some doors for Shinsou.

• For example, now he could ask about meeting up after class. Since they'd started sitting next to each other he'd begun to notice some other stuff about her. Apart from her aloof sort of personality she never stayed at school after hours unless she was heading to the library. She also didn't seem to hang out with others. So this was an opportunity to hang out with her.
• Surprisingly she readily agreed and they started spending time after school together. It even continued past the assignments due date.

• During this time Shinsou learned that she wasn't necessarily aloof, but just a bit shy and that she left school right away because she lived quite a distance away and didn't like walking in the dark. After that, he offered to walk her whenever she decided to stay behind with him.

• And the most interesting thing he learned was that whenever she had that faraway look in her eyes, she was lost in her creative thoughts. She might be quiet and mysterious, but her thoughts are all over the place.

• With all the books she reads, it's no wonder though. He loves hearing about them all.

• Sometimes he actually gets to see them because of her quirk, which fits well with her personality. She's able to create worlds in her mind and make others see it. It's kind of like a reality warp, but she's essentially just messing with your head.

• That's another reason he's glad he befriended her as well. Knowing someone else with a quirk that can alter the mind's thoughts, who is also aspiring to be a hero, is reassuring.

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