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so you see that vid I put as cover up there? I was inspired by that animatic. so enjoy!!

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and idk wot exactly happened...for them to be in this...uh...state

and idk what EXACTLY happened so im gon do what uh I think did happend

so ...im jus gonna write stuff which r gon be descriptive asf (pshhhhh yeh right)



John sighed sadly.

It was always been like this. 234 years ago, he was human. He was brought in slavery. Was used, raped, tortured and killed. Easy but hurtfull.

All because his father was "traitor", "war starter".

So they decided to ruin his son life ever since Henry died.

Ever since Henry was killed, those years were full toxic and hard.

Without his father side and power, he could not going nowhere.

Yet he was smart and attractive. And what punishes his heart the most, was guilt that he preffered man over woman.

And yes, there were so many rumors about him.

"He slept with General so he can get in his position."

"I bet he slept with his father and family members."

"Did he slept with His Grace?"

Those rumors were hurtfull and hurtfull. Nothing less. Nothing more.

Yet there is he again.

Sun God.

He wanted to die. Again.

He did not feel anything. Happiness. Love.


Only darkness.

Sadness, guilt, anger, bitterness.

If he was a normal  man, his father probably would not be killed.

If he was less pathetic man, he probably would be on Throne.

But nothing can change nothing.



He heard a low, carribean voice.

He glanced at way where voice came, and just sighed.

He dug his hand in blue glowing liquid which he could touch gentle petals of flowers.

Same voice. Same  flowers and same hands.

He sighed and ignored the carribean boy called Alexander Hamilton.

He looked at liquid before dugging his other hand in.

He stared his hands in liquid until his hand was pulled by another hand.

Hand of Alexander. His lover. He did not know his lover story. Nor did he wanted to. Nor he did cared.

Alex kissed his knuckles brightly as his eyes shine like moonlight.

"You are quiet one, aren't you?" Alex grinned

John starred at his brightly eyes, which made him shudder and melt right away.

Just a simple glance could sent John on edge. At least by Alexander.

John took small breath as his dark eyes with blue eyes shine. Small shine.

And he leaned in. Only to kiss Alex deeply.

Alexander was startled by sudden action of John. His mouth was bittersweet and hot.

Alex hesitated for a bit, trying to step away but he could not.

He was more stronger then John was but he did not stop him.

He was more athlete and older, surely, then John but did not stop him.

Instead he kissed him back deeply, taking small breath and hugging him closer, feeling hot fire on his body.

There is no stopping now.

Once they pulled away, both of men panted harshly to take their losted heated breaths.

John was breathless, but Alex lied him down on ground.

He tugged Johns' dressy coat which he weared as God.

He planted small sighs on his neck, making small hickys.

John gulped a bit.

Alex went lower and lower licking small strings on Johns' tommy, on his hot skin.

"A-alexander~" John whined, choking on breath and throwing his head back nad frustration.

Alex hummed and looked at John needy, helpless eyes.

Alex gulped and pushed himself in, taking his hands as pinned and held themselves as both of them moaned.

John cried and cried and whined.

John for once felt love. Probably just at the moment.

His deep thoughts were gone. Somewhere else.

He let it all go, to all just disappear.

Alexander thrusted more and more and John got lost into it.

John was a hot mess.

He knew that they mustn't do this.. sinful act between two Gods.

But he did not care.

All what he cared was love.

Only that.

A love.

The end



I hope you like this and Laurens is God of Sun ( by Kotik post)

and Alex is....God of moon?

idk doe that even exist? (idk gods so pls tell me ;-;)

hope yall enjoyed n bai

I wrote this on my laptop lmao

and im going to se my neighbours bay daughterrr

seeeeee yaaaa

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