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Reaction to falling asleep on s/o leg

Izuku Midoriya

• best sleep he got in a while

• thinks about how comfortable his "pillow" was

• opens his eyes and sees you

• awkward silence

• "(N-NAME)?"

• immediately starts apologizing

• "I-I'm so sorry! I was just so sleepy I accidentally--"

• "There's no need to apologize! Did you sleep well?"

• touched that you would ask that

• a smile forms on his lips as he blushes

• "Y-Yes... Thank you!"

Bakugou Katsuki

• you were just about to stroke his hair when he opened his eyes

• a long moment of just silence

• his eyes widen as soon as he notices what you were trying to do

• immediately sits up and looks away

• he would've actually liked it, only if he wasn't in the school bus surrounded by his classmates

• "Really, Bakugou? Were you really sleeping on (Name)'s legs? HAHA"


Shouto Todoroki

• he'd sleep forever if he could

• your familiar scent just made him really comfortable and relaxed

• couldn't care less about his surroundings

• after a while, he'd just wake up– worried that your legs might go numb

• tbh you'd be the one sleeping on his leg most of the times, and he doesn't mind

Kirishima Eijirou

• he loves sleeping on your legs because dUH

• he's gotten so used to it that he'd forget to thank you sometimes

• one time, he was showering and suddenly remembered that he forgot to thank you so he literally scolded himself and immediately texted you

• you two would take turns with sleeping on each other's legs

• "Hey Kirishima, can I sleep on your legs?"

• "What! But it's my turn today"

• "Hmph, fine!"

• "I'm kidding. You can sleep on my legs as many times as you'd like!"

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