Kirishima Eijiro || Slight NSFW

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Written by boku-no-hero-headcannons on tumblr

"Come on babe, I don't bite," your boyfriend, Eijiro, smirked, his eyes flashing as you walked closer over to him.

You knew that look too well.

"Really, I could've sworn that I had marks all over my neck to prove otherwise," you countered, laying down on the bed next to him.

He didn't miss a beat, quickly rolling over and placing his hands either side of your face, effectively trapping you. Your face began to heat up. No matter how long you had both been together and regardless of how many times you had shown each other affection, you were never able to not blush around him.

"Want to make some more?" He asked. His voice was quieter than before, sincere and careful. It was one of the reasons why you loved Eijiro as much as you did; he would never force you to do something if you didn't want to.

You nodded your head and, throwing your arms around his neck, pulled his head down as you leaned up to kiss him. It started off gentle and tender but as you both moved against each other, gentle turned into rough. He began to trail kisses down to your jaw, trailing them all over your neck.

"Any higher than collar level and I swear I'll kick your ass," you giggled as his tongue started to dart across the flesh of your neck.

"Is that a promise?" He chuckled, biting down on the crook of your neck, suckling and teasing the skin there.

If it didn't feel so good you would have kicked his ass there and then. Oh well, there was always later...

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