Luke's POV

Morning time. Wednesday July 23rd

Last night was quite... interesting. I really need to stop getting into fights, my face hurts. I looked over and saw Mia sleeping peacefully beside me. She's so cute, I love this girl. The boys and I have a gig tonight in some cafe. We really aren't that big in America yet.

I got up and took a shower. Afterwards, I put on some black skinny jeans and a plain white tshirt. Ha, Plain white T's. I'm so funny. I walked out of the bathroom and Mia was gone, she probably went for a shower.

Breakfast time.... Yay food!

Mia's POV

I woke up in Luke's bed and replayed everything that happened last night in my head. I was snapped out of my thoughts by my phone wibrating in my pocket.

"Hello?" I said into the phone. Who would call me this early? It's only about 9am. Speaking of which, why is Luke already awake and in the shower at 9am?

"Mia Evans! Where are you?!?!?" The voice said into the phone. Wait, dad?

"At home." I said bluntly. This is my home now and it has been for three weeks. Where has he been? Where was he when his wife kicked me out?

"No you're not! I am in the house right now and you're not here!" he yelled into the phone. Seriously where has he been?

"The house that you are in, is not my house anymore. And if you're wondering why, I'm guessing my lovely mother hasn't told you yet, so ask her." I said.

"Mia, what is going on? What happened?" My dad said sounding concerned all of the sudden. I wanted to yell at him, so I had to leave Luke's room so he didn't here me. I walked into my room and closed the door, then yelled at my dad. 

"Oh so now you care! I've been out of the house for three weeks, where have you been!?!?" I yelled into the phone.

"I was still in New York working. Lower your voice young lady." My dad said. That's it.

"Who do you think you are? You think you can talk to me like that? I'm eighteen years old and I have a right to be loud and mad!" I yelled into the phone again.

"Just calmly tell me everything that happened and we can get through this." My dad said. I just scoffed. He doesn't know the half of it and I'll leave it to my mom to tell him what she did. I didn't want to listen to him talk anymore, so I hung up. I just collapsed onto my bed and sighed.

About five minutes later I decided to take a shower. When the water hit my arm, it stung really bad because of Natalie and her darn nails. When I got out, I picked out a pair of denim shorts and a neon green tank top to wear. I blow dried my hair and put it up in a high ponytail and decided on no make-up. I'm really bored and not hungry(that's a first) so I just sat on my bed and started reading some magazine.

Ashton's POV

I was sitting in the living room eating cereal and watching tv, it was just me and Calum. Everyone else was probably asleep or something.

Calum and I were in the middle of an arguement over who's better, Superman or Batman. He thinks Batman, and I think it's Superman. I'm sure Calum was about to give me a long lecture on how Batman will always be cooler than Superman, but there was a knock on the door, thank god.

I got up to answer it as the knocking turned to banging in a matter of seconds. I opened the door to see a man in his early forties, maybe a little younger. He looked familiar, brown hair and brown eyes. He looked very angry.

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