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Telling parents their s/o is pregnant

Katsuki Bakugo

He was nervous as hell.

And the fact that you weren't with him was making him even more nervous. He was also mad at you because you went at your parents place to tell them the news, even tho he suggested to go together to both of the parents, but you claimed that you were more comfortable on telling the news to your parents alone. The truth was that your parents hated Katsuki sincr the first time they met him, and he knew it. And now he was sitting on the couch of his parents living room, while they were sitting on the opposite couch just in front of him.

" What did you do now you jerk?" his mom asked and his father was looking at his pale face without saying a word, the fact that Katsuki wasn't swearing was worrying him

Katsuki looked at his mom and sighed "I don't know how to tell you, just give me some fucking minutes"

Mr. Bakugou sighed as well and smiled "Jesus, I was worried because you weren't swearing." he said which made his wife laugh

Although Katsuki didn't "I know that we're still young and stuff, but it happened and I'm so damn happy about that so if you say anything that will piss me off, I will going right away."

His mom stopped to laugh and became serious as soon as these words leaved his son mouth "Can you tell us what happened, Katsuki?" now she was holding his husband hand

"Y/N is pregnant." he said while looking straight in their eyes

his father closed his for a few seconds and when he opened them again, he spoke "Wait. What do you mean by pregnant? Do you know the meaning of this word?" he asked, he couldn't really believe at his son words

"Dad what the fuck?!" Katsuki stood up, he felt mocked in a sense.

But before he could do any steps his mom just jumped on him holding him in a tight hug, Katsuki was motionless and his cheeks turned red when he heard her mom sobbing "Am I gonna he a grandma? Aren't you joking around right? If you're messing with us, I swear that I'll rip your ass" she said while giving him some punch on his chest

Katsuki couldn't help but smile "I'm not joking, mom." and when his dad heard him calling his mom "mom" he started to cry as well

"You better be the best dad in the world for my grandson, idiot" his mom said while pinching his cheeks and smiled

"I will, I'm always the fucking best at everything you know that."

"Jesus..." said both of his parents

Shouto Todoroki

Since he just started to talk and see his mom again, he wasn't sure that such a news would be made the both of them comfortable. However since his girlfriend told him that he was going to be a dad, his first thought was to tell his mom about it. He was so happy, even if the both of them were still young. He loves you and he was sure about the fact that he wanted you as the mom of his children and even if he didn't expect it to happen so soon, he was so happy.

He took a deep breath and opened the door of his mom's room, he sneaked in and smile at the woman who immediately smile back "It's late, I thought you wouldn't came today" she said, she was happy to see him and the thought of him not coming without calling worried her.

"I'm sorry, I had stuff to fix up." he said, actually he had to buy you donuts since you were complaining on how much you wanted some good donuts

Then he sat on the chair, in front of his mom while she was looking outside the window "Isn't it a great day? The sky it's so beautiful today" she looked at his son "So why are you upset?" She asked out of no where, making Shouto stiffened "I can tell something it's in your mind" she took one of his hand and giving him a warm smile to calm him down

"Actually mom, I have something to tell you. I didn't tell anyone so far, but I wanted you to be the first to know it." he said, he was looking at his hand in his mom ones, he's heart was beating faster "Do you remember Y/N right?" she nodded "I don't know if I already told you that, but I love her. I don't know how you will react, but I want you to know that I couldn't be more happy about this.."

His mom giggled "Well I'm glad to know it, Y/N is a sweet girl"

"The point is" he said, interrupting her before she could say anything else "The point is that, you're gonna be a grandmother" he whispered, but still hoping that she heard him because say it again would have struggled him even more

Her mom opened her eyes wide, also had tears in her eyes "Really?" her voice was cracking which made also Shouto have tears in his eyes, he nodded. She hugged him "I'm gonna be a grandmother!" she said while laughing, still incredulous.

He stroked her back, he couldn't believe that this news did bring them closer and now he was even more glad.

Izuku Midoriya

He was walking up and down reflecting on which words and phrases was better to use. He also came at his mom use before his mom came back from home, just to make himself comfortable, coming back at his mom place was awkward, and telling her such a news was awkward as well. "Damn.. if I won't tell her this time, Y/N is gonna kill me.." he cried out while sitting on the couch.

The front door opened and the woman sneaked in and when she entered in the living room she screamed of fear, making Izuku screams as well "JESUS IZUKU YOU SHOULD'VE TELL ME YOU WOULD CAME" she yelled at him

Izuku cleared his voice, he actually forgot that he didn't leave there anymore and if he had to pass by, he had to call "Surprise?" he giggled anxiously

His mom took of her coat and smile at him "I'm happy that you're her tho" she made herself comfortable next to him on the couch "Is everything okay?" she asked while tap his head.

Izuku nodded, but suddenly shook his head "I mean yeah, it'a alright, I'm alright. But I'm not sure if you'll be alright after I tell you this. Well I had to tell you it one month ago but I kept to postpone which made Y/N mad at me, but now you're gonna be mad as well and I don't know what to do, so I've decide to come here-" he kept talking fast and nonstop, which forced his mom to covered his mouth

"Izuku, breathe and talk slower." said his mom "Why should I be mad at you? And why is Y/N mad at you? I thought you guys were doing great" she said, visibly concerned.

"No, no! We're doing great! I mean, everything is good between us" he said while blushing "That's why I'm here."

His mom raised an eyebrow "You're here because everything it's good? You could've told me through the phone" she laugh at him, but she was truly happy about the relationship between his son and Y/N.

"She's pregnant mom." he said, the phrase came out quickly and more easily than he thought. His mom opened her mouth to say something, but started to cry loudly instead and Izuku started to cry along her.

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