Teaser (love )

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Gauri pov
Love means Omkaraji
I love this Nandi bhel ji more than my life
If some one tells me if I have to give away my life for someone then that will be Omkaraji
He can never lie to me nor hide anything for me
He is a clean state , I thank my lucky stars everyday for giving me such a good husband
Om pov
Love ..
I used to see love as Gauri
I loved her for all the things she has done to my family
I loved her when she became my wife
I loved her when she was a mother of my child
I loved her for everything
But why does my heart change when I see nandini
Why do I feel , I'm connected to her?
Her smile is all I think nowadays
Even though I'm with Gauri
I get lost thinking about Nandini
I know this is wrong and I shouldn't love someonelse than my wife
But love is love right
I cannot stop loving nandini
But I cannot leave Gauri for nandini
As Gauri is my life
What should I do
Nandi pov
I love him..
For the first time
Some one saw me as a human
He knows how to respect people
He never lies
But for me , he is lying to my best friend
The friend who fought with everyone
To keep me in her house
What I'm I doing?
Whenever I see their daughter calling me maa by mistake
I just loved it
I want to be the mother of mishti and live with omkara
But it's too much to ask
I have to stop my feelings
But whenever  I see omkara
I feel weak
I love him ...
Shivaay pov
Love happens only once
Other than that it's wrong
I tried to speak to omkara what he is doing with nandini
But he just replies it's nothing
I want to trust him
But if he does something wrong
I won't stand quiet
Anika pov
I helped Gauri fall in love with omkara
And made omkara realize his feelings of love for Gauri
But now I regret it
This peacefull love life of omkara as Gauri is going to be at stake
I tried to talk to Gauri
But that andhi doesn't listen to me
If only she knows that her love is lost
Authors pov
This story is something that is sitting in my mind for so long I wanted to write it bad
So today I just couldn't hold it anymore
Please let me know if you like it
Thank you so much for your support
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