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Christian's pov

He bit me and I screamed  and fell on my knees, I turned and rolled on the floor and got back on my knees, I shrieked, long canine came out, my eye turned purple and i felt stronger faster and better.

Daryl smiled, "success" he said

"Now that i am a wolf now how about we create our own star wars and be the stars in it" I smiled causing my canine to come out.

"Oh we already have our movie and it's called cana-wars, if we don't take down the leviathan brothers or the canasist then we are gonna have a movie called doomed wolves." Daryl said sarcastically and dusted his jacket

"The leviathan brothers? Am confused" I said

"Oh I forgot you are still new, I will explain later, the full moon is tonight and you need to be at my house, we need to know if you have control of your powers" daryl said

"But........" he sped out in a speed I can't imagine

Well then it's his house next after now.

Daryl's pov

I got back to the Kingston's residence, my heart beat increased and became very fast, is that a sign or something, I got to Holland's room and I got hit at the back of my head with a large object , everything was blurry and I only saw red eye mixed with blue, I know that eye.


I woke up and all I could hear are rustling of old Dried leaves and birds chirping and a very disgusting but familiar smell

Wait we am in the woods and that's.... Omg the well, and someone's body is resting on it, I crawled to the well even though the smell is killing my organs

I raised the face of the body by the well, wait mom!!!

"Mother, mother" I shook her, she's breathing weakly, I heard dragging and soon I saw leventus,  the creepy doctor was dragging daryl and pushed him to the well.

"Finally hothead, I have you" he bent and caressed my hair

"You monster!!! What did you do to her?, I swear I will kill, I will shave your wolf hair and turn in into fur coats to cover your naked ass after a good beating" I yelled

He slapped me across the cheek with his nails tearing a little bit of my skin and making me bleed

"Shut up stupid, you've got powers, potentials, beauty and flaws but you are too stupid and caring to use them. So I will do you a favour and use them for you,right now I got preparation cause we have a very special guest coming tonight" he laughed heartily

He dropped a device on the and two holograms wolves came out

"Sweetie,they may not look real but your injuries will after you try anything funny" he smirked and left.

Now that I have her, I better take her heart before it's too late

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