Chapter 5

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The bell had disrupted Loan's moment of attempted seduction and he had to leave for class, but I had what I wanted. I was going to meet him at one of the local bars that night and work my magic on him. My thoughts turned to my next target, as I wandered my way out of the library, passing through the tables there. Peter was sitting there and he looked up at me. He gave me a guarded look, having heard my little interlude in the back. I flashed my fangs at him, smiling. "Normally I'd warn you away from that one but I think perhaps I should be warning him away from you instead." Peter's mischievous look surprised me and I gave him one back in response.

"No love between the two of you, I take it," I stated looking at him. His look faded into a simple one of kindness for me. I liked Peter more, discovering he had a playful side to him as well. He simply nodded as an answer. "Where are you headed to now?" "I'm going to drop in on our Professor and have a word with him." His eyebrows crinkled and he bit his lip, "You sure that 's a good idea?" He was worried about me again, how cute. "You worry about me with the Professor but not Loan?" His mischievous look returned as he said, "The latter you could make a meal of, eating him up. The Professor is another matter." I raised an eyebrow at him and leaned in close with a hand on his shoulder. I whispered in his ear, "Speak for yourself." I stood and we exchanged another smile before I left the library to head to the Professor's classroom.

I followed a group of students in that were running late and slipped up the side to the back corner of the classroom. The Professor was at his whiteboard writing down some reading assignments he had for the class. I saw his shoulders stiffen as my scent reached him and he stood up ramrod straight. He finished what he had been writing and turned to look over the seating, searching for me. His eyes locked with mine and I flashed a fang at him, winking. He tried to hide his smile from me but I caught it. He turned to his class, doing his best to ignore me and started his lecture. I sat in the back watching him, amused at all the girls whose hormones revealed they would whip their panties off for him in a heartbeat if he asked.

Finally the class was over and the students shuffled out of the room. A group of girls converged on him at the end of the class, drawing out a small amused chuckle from me that the hoard couldn't hear. The Professor's eyes snapped up to me, evidence that he had. He smiled at the students around him and patiently answered their questions. At last they left him standing there alone. His lips pursed for a moment before he turned and walked into his adjacent office. I used my vampire speed to beat him inside, settling into his office chair and folding my boots up on his desk, my skirt sliding up a little to reveal my thighs. He drew in an irritated breath as he closed the door behind him.

He turned and looked at me from across his office. "Been a long time, Sebastian. How ever did you find your way to this little town that also happens to house the Bartholys? No coincidence I think." He gave me an amused, albeit somewhat irritated smile. "Yes, it has been a long time, Sasha." His eyes took in the length of me starting with the boots on his desk, coming to port in my black eyes. "You haven't changed a bit," he observed. I rewarded him with a smile before flashing across the room, right up to him. His eyes held an emotional wariness as he looked at me. "Did you miss me?" I whispered sliding a hand around his collar. He laughed, reaching up to grip my wrists and remove them. He leaned in close and playfully whispered, "Hard to miss a viper." I hissed at him, flashing him my extended fangs.

He moved around me to go sit at his desk as I took up the comfortable chair in front of it, lounging and watching him work. "What do you want, Sasha? I'm busy." "Heard there was a wolf running around unchecked on Bartholy property, and I've come to 'deal' with it." He looked up at me and gave me a smile as he shook his head. "And where did you hear that from?" "Viktor." He looked up at me, alarmed. "Is your new master so well informed that he knows it was me?" "No, he just knows there's been a wolf around." He looked back at the computer screen. "Well you can report back to him that it's been dealt with. I have no more motivation to come around there anyway." "That so?" He looked up at me and gave me an amused smile. "Well I had thought. Their current nanny couldn't interest me less, but I hadn't known they had other 'guests' staying there."

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