Chapter Sixteen

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I didn’t know what to believe, what to think.

Jordan, Julio, and Zach insisted it was Elise. Maddie and Liam fired back that it wasn’t. And I, stupid as I was, had stayed silent, and now Elise probably hated me. I was an idiot.

I still loved her. Even with the thought that she might’ve sold us out, I was so in love with her that it only intensified my confusion. Every moment without her, every single moment that she despised me for what I did, cut at my heart like a knife. I missed her desperately, but I knew that trying to apologize was a futile effort. She wouldn’t accept it, even though I no longer cared whether it was her fault or not. I’d messed up, and now I was paying the price.

I walked through the school halls, these thoughts whirling through my head like they did every day. My backpack felt like I was carrying pounds of rocks on my shoulder. I stared at the ground, unseeing, just going through the motions.

Until something caught my attention.

“…so is your plan working, Ver? Is Jordan yours yet?” a high-pitched female voice asked, and I slowed, looking around.

“Not yet, Alli. He’s just a little hurt, that’s all. I just have to help him through it, and he’ll be all mine!” That voice I recognized; Veronica Sanders. I pulled out my phone and began to record discreetly, still walking.

“That’s genius!” squealed the girl called ‘Alli’. “It’s really lucky that they assumed it was Winters. It makes this whole thing so much easier!”

Veronica smirked. “You bet. They’re so caught up with being mad at her that they haven’t even suspected anyone else, let alone me! This’ll be a piece of cake.”

I froze mid-step.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have English, my only class with Jordan, until seventh period,” sighed Veronica dramatically. “I’ll just have to wait, and then swoop in for the kill! You just wait, Alli. He’ll be mine by the end of the week.” With another evil smirk, she and her friend headed down the hall again, splitting up at the crossroads and waving an over exaggerated goodbye to one another before disappearing.

I stopped recording and put my phone back in my pocket.

And I ran to second period, desperate to show the others what I’d found out.

It wasn’t Elise.

It was a setup by none other than Veronica Sanders.

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