Cayde 6- 'Go to the Light'

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Cayde 6- 'Go To the Light'

AN/ -Just a last goodbye to a Character I love and reminded me so much so of somebody I cared about.

Its far from perfect but, its really closure for me.

'Farewell Good Hunter. May you find your worth in the waking world' – The Plain Doll


'You tell, Zavala, Ikora. The Vanguard. Was the best bet I ever...Lost..."

Then darkness, a pure dark. Something I'd never seen before. I know right? Something I've not seen? Me! The gun-slinger who's taken down armies, stood there in my majestic glow of solar energy. Me who has challenged cosmic Gods and come out onto. Me who took the dare and was forced into a place where hunters don't belong.

But this, this was something else, I was empty, alone. This is what the darkness was, a void. A lonely void deprived of everything, no heat no cold no light just a blackness that surrounded me. I'd seen this before, many a time this empty space. This scarce and desolate place. I knew, I knew it well from the countless times something had brought me to an end. But I was never lonely, not like this time. There was no warmth of the little light that stood beside me all this time, that kept me up and running that brought me back over and over. She was gone...Sundance...She was simply gone.

It was like a piece of me was ripped away my very core. The thing that kept me here, or there should I stay. My anchor that held me down it was gone, she was gone. And all I could do now was float, and float in this endless place. This time I wasn't coming back. This time she couldn't pull me back into the world I spent so damn long keeping safe. This time there were no flashes, no little hints of what might have been or what had been. No instance of my Ace, My Queen, and what I hoped to be the truth....This time...I-I'm alone. This time I'm afraid....

It's so dark, I can't tell if my optics are on or off, I can't tell If I'm choosing to view this place or if I'm keeping whatever lays before me away from my sight. Do I dare ask? Is it something I want to know....No...? It's not....But knowing me...I can't resist that itch, that temptation, that want to see what I shouldn't. It's all I ever seem to do really...With that in mind I felt them my optics ignite into a flash of blue allowing me to fully see what I had assumed. I was not wrong. A darkness, an emptiness a desolate land with nothing. Nothing. Was I real? Was this real? Was this just the shutdown of an exo unit that had now began to fully die? Shut off all its systems and fully go offline. Was this the slow death that accompanied me?

But then-

A light, so bright, so pure, it bled into my optics and seeped along my body claiming it. Caressing each part of me. That warmth, that warmth I knew so well. That warmth I was touched by so long again which allowed me to return over an' over. It was so familiar, yet so alien. It was light in its purest form. That rawness, that thrill as I felt it seep through my circuits and caress me, warp me, enfold within me. The heat, the heat was all I could want now. A way to escape the void. A way to feel that true warmth that true light.

It had felt like years since this feeling had come over me. This light, this drug. This everything, it made the dark leave my core. It felt right.

The light cascaded around me and warped itself into something new. It twisted and contorted into something new. I saw as the light spread, it flew across a new ground seeping into the space and sprouted new life from it, grass so green as wild as what you would find out in the wilds, it flew along twisting and turning, appearing just for me to take a footing in this new plane.

I felt my body lower, slowly as my boots met this new ground with a soft 'crush' from the new shrubbery taking on the weight of my exo person. I watched again in awe as the light spread around again and began to shift and warp into trees, orange and gold sprouting into leaves as it cast along my visionary line, forming a tunnel of bark and leaf. If it had been any other occasion I would conclude that this place would make an effective place to camp...or meditate if you were into that Warlock stuff. But I digress I my focus was taken back to this creation I had been witness to as the light spread into the sky and cast a light blue glow that was highlighted by a orange glow as it seemed like light had begun to set for the night to come in. Well I would arrive in an unknown place that could be hostile at night wouldn't I? Come on its me.

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