Do You Even Love Me Anymore? (1d)

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Harry: You sat down on the couch with tears streaming down your face. Today was you two year anniversary with Harry and he still wasn't home. The day before he promise that after he was done at the studio he would come home and you guys would spend the night in. You cooked his favorite food, bought a new dress, did you hair and makeup an even bought a new piece of lingerie for him to see after dinner was over. But here it was eleven forty five and he still wasn't home. Dinner was still on the table cold, your hair was a mess and your makeup was running down your face. You began to wonder if your relationship meant as much to him as it did to you. This was the fourth time this week he didn't come home when he said he would. You laid down on the couch and just let the tears fall freely. You turned on the TV and just put on a random show. You grabbed the blanket that was draped over the back of the couch and wrapped yourself in it. You don't know how long you cried but you slowly drifted off to sleep. You opened your eyes when you heard the door open. You looked over at the clock and it read 2:48. You rolled your eyes and closed them to make it look like you were sleeping. You heard his foot steps against the carpet and then on the tile in the kitchen.
'Jesus Christ' You heard him scream. 'Can't she just fucking clean when she's done?'
Hearing that you got up off the couch and headed into the kitchen. You began to clean off the table tears still streaming down your face. Harry didn't say anything to you as he got a bottle of water out of the fridge. You walked back into the living room and got his anniversary present off the table. It was wrapped in black and white paper and earlier you were so proud of your wrapping job. You walked back into the kitchen and placed it on the counter next to where he was standing.
'What is this?' He asked and you could tell he was annoyed.
'Happy Anniversary Harry.' You whispered not looking at him. 'It's not much but I thought you would like it.'
He didn't say anything as he looked down at the gift. You could tell by the look on his face he was upset. The only thing you didn't know is if he was mad at himself or at you.
'Baby....' He whispered.
'It's fine Harry.' You shrugged. 'Anniversaries are stupid anyways.'
'I'm.' He began but you cut him off.
'Please don't tell me you're sorry.' You began the tears falling again. 'I know it's just bullshit anyways.'
He didn't say anything just put his head down. As you began to throw the food you made away, you took a shot and began to speak, 'Harry do you even love me anymore?'
'What?' He asked his eyes huge.
'Do you even love me anymore?' You asked turning around to look at him.
'Of course I do.' He said now his eyes filling with tears. 'Why would you ask that?'
'When was the last time you came home when you said you would?' You asked. 'Today was our two year anniversary Harry. Two years. And when you got home did you kiss me? No you started screaming about how I don't clean when I'm done. I didn't clean because I wanted you to see the dinner I made for you which you weren't here for even though you promised me you would be. And now you tell me why I asked if you even loved me anymore.'
By the time you were done, you were crying so hard you couldn't even stand up anymore. You dropped to your knees covering your face with your hands. Harry walked over to you and sat down next to you. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into his lap. You buried your face against his chest and just cried.
'If you're not happy with me.' You began. 'Please just tell me. I'll let you go if you want.'
'I am happy with you.' He began his heart breaking at your words. 'I've been such a jerk lately. I'm so sorry my beautiful girl. I've been so stressed with work and I know that's not a good enough excuse but it's the truth. I can't hit my notes lately and they've been on my case about every single little thing. And when I come home you're the first person I see and I guess I just didn't want to flip out on you so I stayed away. But by doing so, I made you think that I didn't love you and that's the last thing I wanted to do. I'm so sorry.'
You looked up at him and your heart broke. Actually looking at him you could see the dark circles under his eyes.
'But that's what I'm here for.' You began wiping his tears away. 'When you're having a bad day you can come home and vent to me. You've dealt with enough of my bad days. I love you Harry. I love you with all my heart and if you're having a bad day and yell at me, it's okay. Just please don't shut me out.'
'I'm sorry.' He whispered into your shoulder. 'I'll make it up to you, I promise. I'll call in sick tomorrow and we can spend the whole day together. I'll make you breakfast and I'll treat you like the princess you are.'
You couldn't help the smile that curved your lips.
'That sounds nice.' You nodded blushing.
'There's the smile I love so much.' He smiled tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. 'I love you so much beautiful girl. And I'm so sorry I made you doubt that.'
'I love you too Harry.' You whispered pressing your lips to his for a kiss. 'Come on. Let's go to bed. You look so tired.'
'I'm exhausted.' He began with a smirk. 'Plus I need all my energy to make it up to you tomorrow.'
Liam: You just got a new position at your job which meant more pay. But that also meant more responsibility, later hours and a lot more work. When you got the position Liam was still on tour and you didn't get a chance to tell him because every time you guys talked he would tell you all about tour and not let you get a word in edge wise. So now he was home and and all he wanted to do was hang out with you, but you had no time with the new position. And as you got ready for work that morning it all came to a head.
'Baby stay in bed with me.' He whined when you got out of it.
'I can't Liam.' You laughed. 'I have to go to work.'
'Can't you just call out?' He asked begging. 'Just for today? Please?'
'I wish I could.' You began doing your hair. 'But I have so much stuff to get done before the day is done. Just think tomorrow is Saturday and I have a long weekend this weekend and I promise, I'll stay in bed with you all weekend long.'
'Whatever.' He huffed turning over away from you.
'I'm sorry Liam.' You sighed walking over and sitting next to him. 'How about tonight we order pizza when I get home and we can watch movies yeah?'
'Can we watch Toy Story?' He asked his voice sounding hopeful.
'We can watch anything you want.' You smiled as he turned to look at you.
The smile that curved his lips warmed your heart. You kissed his forehead and said, 'But I have to finish getting ready.'
'I love you Y/n.' Liam smiled.
'I love you too.' You smiled back.
Thirty minutes later you walked back over the bed to say goodbye. A smile curved your lips when you realized he was sound asleep once again. You bent down a placed a kiss on his cheek and said, 'I'll see you later Liam. I love you.'
With that you left to go to work.
14 hours later.
You sighed as you walked into the house. You placed your brief case on the floor and kicked your heels off. You had such a bad headache from work you could cry. You heard footsteps on the stairs and turned to see Liam coming straight for you. You thought you were going to get a hug but the look on his face proved you wrong.
'Where have you been?' He asked raising his voice.
'Work.' You whispered shrugging your jacket off.
'You left at 7 this morning.' He yelled. 'It's now 8:45. Don't you dare tell me you've been there all day.'
'Liam please don't yell.' You whispered. 'I have a wicked bad headache. And yes I have been there all day.'
'I'll yell if I wanna yell.' He screamed. 'You would be too if the shoe was on the other foot.'
'What are you trying to say?' You asked getting pissed.
'Do you even love me anymore?' He asked his face red.
'Are you kidding me?' You asked hurt.
'I don't know what to think.' He yelled. 'Ever since I've been back I haven't seen you for a full day yet. You're always working. You never worked this much before I left. So either you're lying to me or you have someone else on the side. Tell me which one it is now.'
You looked at him and you felt horrible. He had tears streaming down his face and you hated the fact that it was because of you.
'I swear on our whole relationship that I was at work.' You whispered.
'Now you're even gonna stoop that low?' He asked still screaming.
'I mean it.' You began biting you lip. 'Do you remember how before you left I told you there was going to be an new position opening up at my job? You know the one with higher pay, more hours and more work?'
'I remember.' He said still red in the face.
'Well when you were gone I applied for that position.' You began watching him closely. 'And I got it. So now no matter what time I go in, I can't leave until all my work is done. I would never ignore you or make you feel unloved on purpose. I'm so sorry you felt that way Liam. My paid time off hasn't started yet but when I go into work on Tuesday I'll ask for a week off, I promise I will.'
By the time you were done talking you we're hysterical. His face softened and he wrapped you in a hug.
'Baby that's amazing.' He smiled. 'I'm so proud of you. Why didn't you tell me sooner?'
'Cause every time we talked you were just so excited about everything going on with tour I didn't want to say anything.' You began biting your lip.
'I'm sorry baby girl.' He whispered kissing your forehead. 'I should have known something was up. And I should have never asked if you love me anymore.'
'I promise I'll take the week off.' You whispered holding onto him tightly.
'You don't have to.' He began feeling guilty. 'When your paid vacation starts you can take a week off and we will go somewhere just me and you. How does that sound?'
'Amazing.' You nodded looking up at him. 'I have missed you Li. So much. And I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner.'
'It's okay.' He smiled kissing your forehead. 'How about you go take a shower and I'll order the pizza. Then we can watch whatever you want.'
'I told you we could watch Toy Story.' You laughed.
'I don't care what we watch.' He smiled down at you. 'As long as I get my girlfriend all to myself for the whole weekend, that's all I want.'
'And you'll have me.' You smiled kissing him softly.

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